Oct 1, 2015

design plan: family room with accents in lime + teal

sometimes, color is just the right addition to perk up a neutral space:

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Sep 26, 2015

before + after: masculine bedroom (the power of an hour)

pretty much the best thing i get in my inbox are "after" pictures of clients that i have worked with! when i saw these, i was  absolutely giddy.

of course, in order to appreciate an AFTER picture, you need to see where the room started:
behold...the BEFORE:

my client already had some key pieces that would be staying: the bed, night stands, lamps + the restoration hardware dresser.

what we talked about in our hour long phone call:
* cooling things down with a deeper, moodier blue wall color (especially necessary since this home is  in a tropical climate.)
*reworking the wiring on the tv so that it could be mounted to the wall in between the entry and the closet.
*styling the dresser with mirrors and accessories
*adding custom window treatments, new pillows on the bed and a small seating area in between the entry and the sliding doors
*layering in some masculinity + texture with a cow hide rug
*replacing the mirror above the bed with a great piece of art

when working with a client that has requested a pinterest board + phone call consultation, the design and inspiration period is pretty fast and furious. by that i mean that i will spend a couple of hours pinning ideas and options for the room, and then, during our hour long phone call, we "build" the room, based on the suggested items and my clients needs and preferences. the pinterest board becomes a place to shop items, and (if selected), the mood board/design board acts as a visual inspiration and guide for the final look of the room.

painting the walls made a tremendous difference in this room. we ended up with "smokestack gray", by benjamin moore. before, the gold walls were competing with the warm tones of the tile floor, and clashing with the neutral, linen toned headboard.

my client: stated:

"I am in love with the wall color. It is a beautiful steely blue and is the perfect backdrop.  I also love that the room is a mix of modern/traditional, masculine/feminine, but overall has that tailored, masculine vibe we discussed."

custom linen window treatments made by etsy seller  martha and ash  really dress up the window and french doors.

another big change was the location of the tv! before, the tv was on the dresser, which drew attention to it. now, the tv, paired with a narrow shelf and some artwork, feels like part of a gallery wall.

the new seating area rounds out the feel of the bedroom, and provides another usable space to lounge.

here is what my client had to say:

"My favorite single piece is the Thom Filicia artwork. I debated for months and months over this piece because of the expense. I'm so glad I splurged because it looks amazing. The custom drapery panels are my next favorite. The linen fabric was so affordable. Due to the size of our windows, going custom wasn't much more expensive than buying stock panels and was actually cheaper than panels I considered from Restoration Hardware. "

a pair of matching mirrors and some fun accessories make a statement  over the dresser. 

some final words from my client:

"The transformation is dramatic!  We absolutely love it and are so thankful to you for your help and amazing vision. Though this took us way longer to pull together than I originally thought, it was comforting knowing a plan was in place that we could work toward as time and budget permitted. We had many unexpected expenses come up last year. Working to the plan helped us save money in  the end because items were purchased as they went on sale or we found alternative sources."

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Sep 10, 2015

affordable find: sheepskin stool

these fun, textural stools are all over the place lately and for good reason--they add a great texture to any room and are super versatile.

if you are considering purchasing one, go ahead and do your self a favor and save some money!
(this stool can also be a fairly simple diy project with the right stool and some faux fur!)

outpost original tibetan lamp gold stool

sheepskin ottoman

happy shopping!

Sep 4, 2015

THREE design plans: cozy, modern living room, dining + entry

sometimes when i finish working on a design board for a client, i just want to move right into the space! (like these!)
this client already had some great pieces in her living room and dining room, and needed help to make the spaces feel fleshed out and pulled together.
we worked on three spaces during our consultation, and here are the designs i came up with:

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Aug 28, 2015

affordable find: marble column table

a cute little money saver for you today:

although the tables aren't EXACTLY alike, they definitely have the same vibe.
simple, modern, marble column accent tables with a metal top supported by a metal rod.
i actually really, really want one of these tables for my master bathroom!

phoebe brass top table

cuff link marble side table

happy shopping!

Aug 25, 2015

before + after: 2 teen sisters. 2 rooms.

last fall, a neighbor of mine asked for some help to update the bedrooms of her two daughters. the rooms were originally designed when they moved into their house, about 6 years ago, when the girls were 7 and 9. now that they are both teenagers, the decor and bedding felt too girly and both spaces needed a refresh!

the 13 year olds room BEFORE:

the 15 years olds room BEFORE:

as you can see, both rooms were done in very saturated tones of pink and green.
both girls now "hated" the color schemes, and wanted their spaces to feel more simple and crisp and to fit their personalities.

the refresh rules:
*ALL existing furniture had to stay and could NOT be painted. yep.

*the walls could NOT be painted (they were considering keeping the accent walls in both bedrooms, but i "gently" talked them into painting them) we eventually compromised and painted the back wall of the younger sisters room the same color as the rest of the walls, and repainted the accent wall in the older sisters room a medium gray.

*they wanted all additions to be budget friendly

*the light fixtures could NOT be replaced (including the crystal chandeliers in each room)

*the younger sister loves animals, and wanted blue in her room.

*the older sister wanted a soft pink + grey scheme.

here are the AFTER pictures!
(all images taken by sara boulter)

the 13 year olds room AFTER:

what we did:

*removed the super-girly, frilly window treatments and rehung some simple white panels with pom fringe on just the large window

*replaced the bedding + added accent pillows

* added wall sconces to both sides of the bed

* added art to reinforce the color scheme of blues + greens

*purchased a new chair, ottoman and side table to create a reading nook

*added accessories

* made a custom fabric covered cork board


the new bedding from west elm (sorry, no longer available) helped add pattern and a grown-up vibe.

we used several shades of blues to make the space a little more interesting and less "planned".
 for instance, the shams are a nice bold royal/navy blue, and both the bulletin board and the the leather ottoman are teal blue. both the bed pillow and the chair pillow incorporate several shades of blues and greens.

the new wall mounted wall sconces free up space on the nightstands.

to create these three "matching" art pieces over the bed, we simply purchased a single print from minted, cut it on three pieces, and placed them in individual ikea frames. this is a great way to create a structured gallery wall on a budget!

 the new sheers are lightweight and feminine and the pom fringe on the edge adds just a touch of whimsy.

the reading nook gets plenty of light and (according to my client) gets some HEAVY use from her book-loving daughter!


these bulletin boards were a diy project. we simply had plywood and insulation board cut to the same size, glued them together and wrapped them in fabric. super easy and WAY more affordable than buying something! just to give you an idea...each of these large bulletin boards cost us around $50.


the 15 year olds bedroom AFTER:

what we did:

* replaced bedding and added a single accent pillow to the bed

*had a roman shade made, recovered the window seat cushion and added new pillows

*added another nightstand/desk to the right of the bed, and paired it with a small ottoman that can be moved around the room for seating, or used as a footstool while seated in the window seat (before, there was nothing on this side of the bed, which felt odd)

*added art

*hung a custom made cork board

*purchased new table lamps


new knobs were added to the existing dresser to break up the expanse of white wood.
(the old white wood knobs just felt a little too "vanilla")

new bedding from west elm and a new lamp scored at home goods help to update the room to a space more fitting for a teen girl. we splurged a bit on the pillow, but since its the only one on the bed, it was well worth getting a designer fabric in the perfect shade of blush pink!


new knobs from anthopologie make a statement on the nightstand, and help break up the look of the matching bedroom set.

new pillows add texture, pattern, personality and a splash of pink.

both the contrast welting on the window seat cushion and the accent banding on the roman shade are made from a charcoal gray linen. 

we added this mirrored console table-turned-desk to the side of the bed, with the gray storage ottoman. it is now the perfect place to perch and check emails and scroll through pinterest!

the relaxed roman shade is tailored yet feminine!

the art from minted, in frames from ikea, create a simple, structured gallery wall.

once more, quick before + afters of both rooms:

most sources found here:



most sources found here:

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