Jun 18, 2014

affordable find: iron "x" lantern

i am kinda on vacation this week--my parents are in town from tennessee and are staying in a condo in park city and we are joining them. park city is one of our favorite "quick getaway" destinations...it is only about 40 minuted from our home, but feels like another world. yesterday it REALLY felt like another world...because it SNOWED! yah. snowed. in june. (if you follow me on instagram you saw some pictures that i posted!) UGH. i mean, i love a good summer storm, but not when it comes with SNOW. in june. did i mention it is june? yah. i know. its blowing my mind too.

anyway, i have been wanting to post this baby forever....ENJOY!

riviera iron lantern

josie iron chandelier with paper shade
(this is actually on sale right now for $102!! i just bought it! i am planning on decorating the powered room on my main floor, and i think this light will be the perfect addition.)

happy shopping!


  1. I am not a name brand snob at all. If you can get the look you want and save some money - all the better!!

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