Oct 14, 2013

design plan: cheery formal living room

a design plan for a recent client who LOVES color!

in the plan:
*painting the back of her existing built-in bookcases a deep peacock blue
*replacing existing lamps with updated budget friendly options
*new pillows for the existing light blue sofa
*soft vertical stripes on wall
*new patterned curtains
*painting existing mirror/medallion collection white
*adding a super affordable art arrangement over sofa

this is a local client who moves FAST--i met with her 3 weeks ago, and she has nearly completed the entire project and hired me to help her with her office. i will be posting before and after projects of both plans in the coming weeks!

thank YOU for the comments on my last post! i was actually a little surprised at how varied the answers were! i think option D is out, but i am still struggling with the other options. if you haven't left a comment, please do!

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