Oct 24, 2013

diy "pit stop" bathroom sign

one of the fun details in grady's new bathroom is the "pit stop" sign that i made that hangs above the cork board map.

the FUN part about the map is that he gets to put a pin in the map everyplace that he has....uh...
used the bathroom! 

(i had my sister in law make the map about 3 years ago as a way for my kids to keep track of where our family lives, and where important events have taken place.)

we thought of several other names (i "wizz" here, places i've peed,)
before we came up with the relatively safe and not-too-graphic-and-pee-related PIT STOP.

here is what i did to make it:
i bought this sign a loooooong time ago. and i have never used it anywhere.
it was one of those crazy clearance deals at tj maxx for like $4, and i figured that at some point in time i would repaint it or repurpose it. 
well, "at some point in time" finally arrived.

i bought the letters from michaels...they were on sale, and i believe i paid around $11 for all of them.

once i figured about how much space the letters would take up, i cut off the extra few inches.
i used this adhesive to attach the letters to my (now) shorter sign.

i used a white spray primer/paint to coat the entire thing:

now, every time he "goes" somewhere new, grady gets to put a new pin in his map!

its a nice way to personalize his bathroom and keep it from being too serious!


  1. Very cute! I have a question, though, what do the black pins mean? Or do we not want to know???? lol

    1. oh my!!!! i totally cracked up when i read this! ha! well, i would have used all white pins if i had enough, and so i used the black pins as places we have lived or stayed for a while. but--OH--now you have given me some good ideas! :)

  2. this is so funny slash fun. also, i really like that light. (is that gold inside?)

    1. it IS! it gives off a really soft, warm light. hard to photograph though....

  3. Hilarious! What is it with boys and the bathroom anyway?

  4. they are a little like dogs---they like to mark their territory! :)