Oct 15, 2013

patterns + textures in DC

just a few more snippets of my recent trip to washington dc:

stone floors at monticello.

herringbone brick walk at monticello.

stone steps at monticello visitors center.

brick at the university of viginia.

herringbone + basketweave at the university of virginia.

greek key + stripes, washington dc.

scallop brass grill, washington dc.

ornate metal window cover, washington dc.

curving cobblestones, washington dc.

concentric circles in stone, washington dc.

geometric tile pattern, chinatown, washington dc.

section of the berling wall at the newsuem.
close-up of the berlin wall.

isn't is interesting how many different patterns and textures there are in things we walk past and ON nearly everyday? well---if you live in a great place with lots of history like washington dc you will walk past these things everyday!
but really, there are so many interesting details in places like building exteriors, manhole covers, bathrooms of hotels and restaurants, airports and libraries. you just need to open your eyes and NOTICE them! inspiration is everywhere.

did you have a favorite picture from above?
where have YOU found inspiration?


  1. Those stone stairs look a bit familiar, no? At first I thought it was a shot of your front stair, but it was Monticello! Not bad to share style tastes with Thomas Jefferson! ;)

    1. yay! i am so glad you noticed! my husband was grinning ear to ear as he walked up these steps. he was darn right GIDDY. i SO cant believe that thomas jefferson copied us though....

  2. Wonderful collection here! Yes, I love to look at the different textures and patterns all around....I was just in D.C. last weekend (it rained all 3 days...) but love to go and visit anytime at all!

    1. i have a client in the DC area that i worked with last week, and she was saying how she wished the rain would stop! it was SO gorgeous when we were there. i am glad we got amazing weather...even if we were there at the beginning of the shutdown, and we didnt get to see everything we wanted.

  3. Beautiful! I love the Greek or the scallops. :-)