Oct 18, 2013

wallpaper decision + random links

isn't it funny how the simplest things can be the most difficult to decide?

i have to admit, then when i first put this post up, i thought the malachite would be the strong favorite. (thank you for all of the input, by the way!!) there were a lot that did like the malachite wallpaper, but i was pretty happy to see that a LOT of you also liked the links (diy grasscloth) and the thibaut alexander wallpaper.
i have decided... to move forward with option A:

now, IF i had unlimited funds, i would honestly go for the thibaut wallpaper. i think the soft geometry of the pattern would be the perfect compliment to my ornate mirror. but i just cant stomach shelling out $400 for it right now.
there are SO, SO many projects to get done and things to buy.
like blinds.
and closet shelves.
and cabinets for the laundry room.
and mirrors for the bathrooms.
these aren't just "pretty" things---these are things that are really needed and will make my life much more organized and functional. and so, at this point, FUNCTION will trump beauty.
but just a little.

ok, onto my totally random weekend links:

**i have been using this blog as one of my go-to sources for "no-fail" recipes. i have tried and loved, the broccoli soup, the pulled pork sandwiches and homemade bbq sauce, and the enchiladas.
i have more great recipe ideas here.

**my 9 year old son recently asked me if he could wear deodorant. UH. i am no expert on this, but i am pretty sure that ANY time a pre-pubescent boy ASKS you to buy him anything that will make him smell better, you should RUN to the nearest store and get it for him before he changes his mind. i must have smelled 500 deodorants that were all way to "manly" before i found this. seriously smells SO good, and is the prefect scent for a younger guy.

**i know i have blogged about this several times before, but i CANNOT live without this lotion.
i just bought a new tube at the store in city creek, and decided to try out their little "tube key".
i freakin' LOVE it.
(i have been using this lotion faithfully for over 8 years, and this is the first time i decided to buy one!)
it keeps my tube all smooth and pretty looking, and i know i will get every last drop of my favorite hand lotion.

**A--mazing deal on over 4 rolls of this gp + j baker wallpaper here. wouldn't this look great in a girls bathroom of a laundry room?

**love this new lighting collection from ikea that i found out about from angie helm.

**adorable shower curtains. perfect for a kids bathroom!

**seriously cool looking floor lamp here for $70.

**have you ever been here?

i am in the middle of prepping for my daughter charlotte's 12th birthday party, and this site has been a valuable resource. they have an incredible selection, and lots or hard to find, "simple" decorations.

happy weekend!


  1. Hot dog to option A! I can't wait to see your pictures; it's going to look great. Love the tube key... I've never seen one where I buy my lotion, and my tube is a bumpy, crinkly mess, so thanks, you've saved the day!

  2. you are going to LOVE it! i cant believe i waited this long to get one!

  3. Love save on crafts! They have a great giant clamshell!!! http://www.save-on-crafts.com/la4.html

  4. Thanks for the shout out (so glad you are loving the recipes and that your husband approved of the BBQ!); mostly, I'm super excited about the deodorant recommendation since I have lots of little boys running around my house that probably need an intro to deodorant.