Oct 2, 2013

dressing up a frame with metal L brackets

this is a fun and very easy project that anyone can tackle!

*since this print was vintage, and was odd sized, i chose to use a floating glass frame to see some more idea son how to frame odd size art, click here.

here is what you will need:
1. your picture frame. one with square edges will work best for this project.
2. metal "L" brackets, available from any department store.
3. screws. make sure to get ones that wont go through your frame!
4. a drill or screwdriver. i did this with a manual screwdriver, and it was a bit of a pain. (if i did it again, i would pre-drill all of the holes and use the electric screwdriver to install the screws.)

a close up look at the screws and L brackets is use. the L brackets come in several lengths and widths, so if you can, being your frame with you to the store to see which one will work best with your frame.

as you can see, the brackets came with screws, but they were too long, so i purchased some short ones.

all you have to do is to line up the L brackets with the edges of your frame and attach it with screws!

i wanted a more industrial, masculine look, and so i kept the brackets and the screws steel, but they could also be painted gold or brass for more of a campaign-style look.

 i like the additional touch of metal that this easy project adds to this masculine bathroom!

(i purchased my frames at michaels crafts store. the screws and L brackets are from lowes.)

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