Oct 28, 2013

my target sucks

that's right.
i said the "S" word.
now---i didn't say TARGET sucks...just the one near my house.
i am at target at least twice a month....sometimes to buy groceries, or a birthday present or clothes. (or whatever any of us go into target to buy before we inevitably end up with a cart full of things we didn't intend to purchase!) while i am there, i always pop over to the "home decor" section to see what nate or threshold has been up to. and usually i see....a sparse selection of the newest offerings, few particleboard bookcases, a dumpy ottoman or two, and a handful of lamps that i swear have been there for 3 years.

last week, i was at a home consultation a good 20 miles form my house, and decided to swing by a target to see if they had any better home stuff. i have been seeing all kinds of cute stuff online, and i wondered if ANY of it was in stores. (cuz it most certainly wasn't in MY target.)
i hit the jackpot!
i couldn't believe how much stuff this target carried!
i felt like my target has been cheating on me with other targets in the area! why is all the good stuff going everywhere else?? this target had AISLES of great home decor items! what the??? i mean, take a look:
 i have seen this table online, but it was even prettier in person!

 there was tons of stuff on sale, including these column lamps with lucite bases.

 the contrast stitch on these little ottomans is a nice touch,

 new stuff from nate.

these preserved boxwoods look great ALL year round, but especially festive around the holidays.

 LOVED these frames!
wisteria has some that look very similar, for 2-3 times the price.

 i love the texture that bone inlaid frames give a room.

 is a trend officially over when you see it at places like target?
i still haven't fallen out of love with antlers and deer heads, but this display made me
feel like the trend is a little overdone....

 totally great little set of mirrors!

 and HEY---if you are going to do a "bed in a bag" look, at least start with something like this!
it's graphic without being too much, and the dots will coordinate with any pattern and can easily go masculine or feminine, depending on what it is paired with.

 i have always loved the thomas obrien bedding collections.

 another "seen online but not in person" piece. this little desk is a winner!

 that woven top table would add a lot of texture to any room, and the x base side table is a fabulous mix of texture and style.

 seriously?? my target has like two ottomans in stock. and they are both ugly.

 lovely little tweed chair! it would look so pretty paired with a fun patterned pillow.

 hello floor lamp!
if i didn't already have a lamp that could be your twin, i would have taken you home with me!

 more side table goodness.

 wouldn't these make great hampers?

 tortoise shell mirror.
would look great mixed in with a gallery wall....

 and how fun is this little tray?
makes me think of a certain song that has been playing way too much at my house lately!
(what does the fox say??)

and finally--loved these drink containers.

SO...if the target near your house sucks, like the one near mine---you might want to take a little field trip to the next closest one. you might just hit the jackpot, like it did!

happy shopping!


  1. I have to round robin between the 3 in proximity to me...as they all have different stuff.

  2. Unless I go first thing Sunday morning(which I am not apt to do),my super target is sold out of all the good stuff by Monday.

  3. I moved from a town with a good Target to a town with a lousy Target. I don't understand the disparity. It's hardly worth a visit to their Home Goods section, it's so small & skimpy. :( Interestingly, the employees don't seem very happy there either. whatever that means.

  4. Did you know you can check items online and see if they are in stock at any stores near you? Much easier than driving around hunting, although that is fun sometimes too.

  5. At least you have a Target ......... we are Target-less. Bummer

  6. At least you have a Target - we are Targetless. BUMMER

  7. I really don't understand it. I once drove about 20 miles to get a lamp in the next small town (it was out of stock in the 3 Targets nearby--we have a plethora, only one of which is a Good Target. This small town doesn't have a true mall or even a department store, so to my way of thinking, "deserves" a Good Target. But, no, they had the skimpy model. If I lived there, I'd be so resentful.