Oct 31, 2013

new rug + action plan for my back door

we are (finally) having our front and back exterior doors painted! i am pretty excited. since this is such a small area, i really don't have a design plan for it---just an idea of what i want...what i like to call an action plan!

door color:
the color choice for the back door was an easy one for me--onyx by benjamin moore.
it is my favorite black--dark but soft, and with a neutral tone to it.
all of the other doors in the house are a slightly softer black called "blackjack", but i want the exterior doors to be just a little bit darker and shinier.

i have a set of these vintage guache paintings that my dad bought in brazil in the 1960's. i think i will hang a grouping of them on the small wall adjacent to the door.

since this door leads to our back yard, it sees a fair amount of traffic. i always knew i wanted a rug here---preferably something that was patterned and that brought in a bit of life and color. when i was contacted by medallion rug gallery to review a product for them, i knew i could find something that fit the bill. medallion rugs has a great selection of some of the finest area rugs – antique and contemporary – from iran, pakistan, turkey, india, and china. i was really impressed with the variety in their inventory, and the fact that many of their rugs are handmade.

here is the rug that i chose:
 it is 2' x 2'9", and fits perfectly in front of my door.

 i really love the texture and pattern that it adds to this little area of my house. i am also so impressed with the quality and feel of this little area rug! it is tightly woven, and the colors are so deep and rich.

new hardware:
like the rest of the doors in the house, the back door will get this knob:

(the andover series from schlaage)

everything should be all wrapped up by this weekend! i am excited to show you.

thank you to medallion rug gallery  for collaborating with me on this post!


  1. Oh it is going to be beautiful. Love the rug you chose. Hugs, Marty

  2. love your choices! I also love your door - can you please tell me where you got it and what type of wood it is? Do you plan on finishing it with any special sealer or just exterior paint? Thanks in advance!

    1. thanks christy! we had our door custom made locally. it is alder wood, and it will be painted with exterior latex paint. the exterior side of the front door will be stained with an exterior opaque stain.

  3. Nice Autumn…love the paint color!

  4. That color would definitely go well with the white walls and cabinets! And making it a glossy black rather than a flat one is a good choice IMO. Though I have reservations with hanging art in that area, since the door will be swinging in that direction.


  5. Black is one of the best and safest color choice. It goes well with any color. Meaning, it'll never affect both the interior and exterior design you have. By the way, I already saw the outcome of your door painting project, and I must say that you did a good job! Congrats, Autumn!

  6. I’d have to agree with Rodney here. Though the art would be more visible from that side of the door, it’s directly in the way and would probably get hit if you decide to open the door at full swing. You could put them on the cabinet. It should still be visible from there.