E-Design Services

New Construction/Remodeling / (bundle of hours available)

Are you building a home or remodeling? Let me help you!
If there was EVER a time to hire a professional designer, it is before and during any type of remodel or construction project! The amount invested in design services will absolutely be worth it. For this service, I offer a package of hours available at a discounted price for as few as 5 hours, or as many as 40. Contact me for pricing.

Phone Consultation / $95

For the client who is on a tight budget, or just needs someone to bounce around ideas with, or has several questions and needs professional design advice about one room or even multiple rooms in their house.

Here’s how it works: You submit pictures of the room(s) you need help with, a list of changes/improvements you are looking to make, and any inspiration photos. Before we chat, I look over all the information and then we talk on the phone about possible solutions for your space(s). Most of the time these conversations last about 50-65 minutes. You will be amazed at what we can get through in an hour!

Pinterest Board + Phone Consultation / $245

For the client who wants to improve one room and seeks professional design advice and suggestions. Once inspired and equipped with this basic plan, you fill in the blanks on your own and transform your room. 

Here’s how it works: Like the Phone Consultation, you will send me pictures of the room, a list of wants/needs, a list of things you would like to see changed/improved/added, and any inspiration photos. Before we talk, I will create a Pinterest board for you with suggested ideas, products, paint colors, and inspiring images.  During our phone call we will talk through options and ideas and by the end of the conversation you should have a much more clear idea of how to tackle your space. 

This has become a popular service, and for good reason! It is a collaborative and visual way for us to work together on a room in your house. My past clients have been pleased at how much can be accomplished in such a short time, and you will be too!

If your home has an "open" plan, (your living room is open to your dining room, or family room to breakfast room, etc.) we can work on both spaces at the same time for a discounted fee! Generally, these add-ons are $75-$125 for the additional space, depending on your needs. Contact me for a quote on working on more than one space at a time.

*you can now chose to add a design board to this consultation for only $50! a design board is a great tool to help you visualize your space, and acts as a reference point as you work on your room.

*2 wall elevations OR a floor plan can also be added for an additional $50

*there is a $50 fee if your room is oversized (longer than 17' in either direction, or totally empty)

FULL Room Design Plan /
$375 for foyers/powder rooms, $550-700 for bedrooms, living + dining spaces. contact me for exact pricing

For the client who has a room that needs to be spruced up and is looking for a solid and thorough design plan to follow.

Here’s how it works: After you have sent me all of the measurements and pictures of your room, as well as some inspiration images, we talk on the phone to officially "kick off" the design period. After we talk and I ask you a TON of questions, I will usually have a list of ideas and furniture for you to give me feedback on within 2-5 business days. From there, we narrow down selections until we have the plan fleshed out and ready to go. The final plan will be emailed to you and is presented in a comprehensive PDF "notebook" containing all the information you need including a floor plan, links to all items to be purchased, to transform your room. 

Local Services

Would you rather meet in your own home to discuss your space? In addition to E-Design Services, all of the services detailed above are available locally, within a 60-mile radius of Salt Lake City.

1 Hour In-Home Consultation / $100

For the client who needs professional design advice about one room or multiple rooms in their home, or just needs a little design inspiration.

Here’s how it works:  The 1 Hour In-Home Consultation is structured similar to the Phone Consultation, but I visit your home and we will talk about your space in person. Like the Phone Consultation, we can spend the hour how you like, whether it is walking through multiple rooms, allowing you to  ask multiple questions, or narrowing in on one room where I can help give you a jump start on the room design.

The Fine Print

  • Payment is made upfront. I accept Paypal and personal checks.
  • A higher rate will be charged for empty or near empty rooms, and over-sized rooms (17' or larger in any direction).
  • Wall elevations (Photoshopped or hand drawn) are available for an additional fee.
  • A discount may be available for multiple rooms. My services are flexible, so if you have one room that needs lot of work, and another room that you just need some basic advice about then we can schedule a Phone Consultation for one room, and a Room Design Plan for another, or any combination of services that will work for you.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.