Mar 31, 2010


i loved all of the comments from yesterday!
and, i am so relieved to know that i am
not the only one who dreads doing laundry.
it is snowing outside my house today.
yes, snowing.
spring just can't get here soon enough for me.
by the end of winter...well, i'm ready for it to be the
end of winter!
snow in march 
makes me grumpy.
i'm even more grumpy considering the fact that
tomorrow is the first day of april!
i am not yet used to the trickery
that mother nature insists on playing
here in the great beehive state.
i think the claim
"the greatest snow on earth",
should be changed to the
"most persistent snow on earth",
bit alas, while the ground may be 
temporarily covered with snow (again),
i can dream about pretty green spaces elsewhere.

isn't this garden particularly lovely? if you are wanting to add some character to your garden or yard,
be sure and are looking for fence panels-click here.

ah. i think the snow is melting...
ok, maybe not, but i do feel
a little warmer.
images found at southern accents and canadian house & home

Mar 30, 2010

laundry rooms...

that almost make me want to do laundry.
do you ever have one of those,
where you have no desire to do
i'm having one right now.
i'm not sure what it is,
but the thought of sorting those
two baskets full of unmatched socks
and tackling the slowly growing
piles of laundry in my house
is making me naseated.
light headed.
sick to my stomach.
and downright cross.
i think i would be much more motivated
if i had a laundry room that looked like this:

can you imagine having a lundry room like this?
love the windows, and the soothing wall color.
is that a dash and albert rug?
retro and cool.
i actually have a strange aversion to laundry sinks,
but that old-school stainless steel one is awesome! 
love how bright and cheery this is.
the stripes are so fun!
love the color the fabric brings in,
and that rug is darling.
checkerboard + bead board.
say no more.
ahhhh---don't you just FEEL clean looking at this one?
ahh...much better.
i am almost motivated to do that laundry now!
i will be posting more images of laundry/mud rooms 
from my stash later in the week...  

Mar 28, 2010


things i'm wanting...

available at homenature

Mar 25, 2010

shadow fun

i thought these were sweet.
the base holds a light that leaves 
an incredible shadow on the wall 
from the tree shape.
my oldest daughter would love to have one in her room!
 available at uncommon goods

also, many thanks to toni at 

Design Dazzle

for featuring my lego party 
click here to see the feature.

Mar 24, 2010

dirty laundry...

never looked so good!

i totally forgot where i found these.
country living, maybe?
in any case, i threw the page away and
forgot to find out where to buy it.
all i remember is that each tote was 
around $100.
however, don't you thing it would 
be easy to "knock off"?

don't hate me...

but i've been holding out on you.
i've been doing some thrifting
and scavenging and shopping
and not telling you about it.
(until now, that is)
in fact, here is one of my 
recent finds:
i bought it for $40 at a local thrift store.
i actually thought that it was priced a 
little too high, but as i was standing there, 
deciding whether to buy it or not,
these images came to my mind:

oly studio's jonathan bench
(apx $1600)
room & board's portica banch

pottery barn's norrell bench
($399-no longer available)

needless to say, i snatched that bench right up.
i am planning on recovering it and
placing it at the foot of my bed, 
once we are in our new house.

if you want to see a couple 
more of my finds,
head over to visit dayka at
she has a great new feature post where
she shows off people's thrifty finds
before their big makeover.
(she calls it "trash day",
isn't that funny?)
a totally brilliant idea,
if you ask many of us
have a treasure in our garage or
closet awaiting a transformation?
plus, she shows pictures of
what the item could become--
providing fabulous inspiration!
you can check out my feature here.

Mar 23, 2010

bath storage

i'm trying to drag out bath week.
can you tell?
there are just a few more interesting things
that i found that i wanted to share:
i loved the streamlined look of this bathroom
storage unit. sleek, modern,and roomy.
it could even be covered with a mirror for
added functionality and to blend in 
with a more traditional setting.
available at duravit

i thought this little storage unit was cute
and well designed. it is also clean, 
simple and easy on the eyes.
found at xylem

Mar 22, 2010

bad news, house hunting update, and 6 things i'm sick of looking at.

how's that for a title?

so, first the bad news...
over at the city cradle, so i don't get to give away
the 100 gift card to anthropologie!
it's a sad day for all of us...
thanks again to all those that did vote for me.
you can check out the  winning party here.
house hunting update:
a few weeks ago,
my husband and i looked at a few houses
in a new development about 20 minutes away from
where we currently live. we really loved the 
look and feel of the development, but we
have ultimately decided to stay
exactly where we are.
and when i say exactly, i mean
within a few blocks.
so, our house hunting will be taking on
a more unique and 
possibly challenging spin.
we are hoping to find a house "under the radar".
we are trying to find a house that is
not officially on the market by talking with
friends and neighbors to find out if there
is anyone in the area that will be moving soon.
we are hoping this will accomplish two things:
1. it will keep us in the area we want to be.
2. it will save us some money if we can deal
directly with the homeowners.
it should be interesting,
to say the least.
and, for our last topic:
6 things i am sick of looking at:
you can't even imagine
how excited i am to get into a house 
of our own again. 
this rental house has been great. 
there are so many good things
about it, but there are also so many things
about it that drive me crazy.
here are 6 things that i am
sick of looking at:
(it was very difficult to narrow the
selection down to just 6!)
no words needed...
so ugly, it's almost cool.
blah and blech.
my eyeballs are deeply offended
by this, i'll have you know...
and double ugh.
i'm sure these were cutting
edge design in 1968. 

so there you have it.
no more ugly pictures in posts.
i promise.
i jut had to vent, ya know?

Mar 19, 2010

bath floor ideas to steal

i love the way the black and white marble is integrated into
what appears to be a simple ceramic tile.
awww, c'mon.
i HAD to sneak in at least one checkerboard floor!

lovely accent to the carrara shower surround.
very nice...
ok, so i sneaked in two checkerboard floors!
love the subtlety on this one...

daring color choice, and the pattern and angle are so unexpected.
this is a really old clipping,
but i was really drawn to the herringbone effect on the edge.
an easy and fun pattern to duplicate.