Sep 30, 2010


las vegas.
i am meeting my best friend in las vegas today
for my first ever official girls weekend!
we don't drink or gamble...we're just there 
for the shopping and the FOOD and the entertainment.
i'll be sure to be on the lookout for some inspiring
details while i am there...
have a great weekend, and i 
will see you on monday!

Sep 29, 2010

grey + orange

something i am currently loving:
grey + orange

metropolitan home
aren't these rooms fabulous?
i love the mix of the cool and the warm!
and, with a little dose of 
or metal 
thrown in, 
the result for me is 
design kryptonite!

Sep 28, 2010

big trim

just a few shots of the interior of a house
 that my husband built in tennessee.
how 'bout THAT crown molding?
southerners love their trim!
the ceiling in the entry and dining room of this house are 12', 
so in order to create a better proportion in the room, 
we designed the wainscoting to be very tall, 
and the crown molding to come down nearly a foot into the wall space.
 doing this creates the illusion of a more "user friendly" proportion.
it creates a more cozy and livable feeling in a room 
where a person could feel a little lost.
here is a shot of the entry.
i had a lot of fun helping the owners 
design those stained glass transoms,and side lights. 
(p.s. they were NOT cheap.)
notice that we painted the ceiling the same color as the walls.
this not only showcases the trim, but actually
highlights the ceiling height without making it feel too high.
a view of the living room.
we added some beams to dress up the ceiling.
also, we used a color just
a few shades lighter than the wall for the ceiling.
while the ceiling still reads as "white", it is
actually a cream color. 
this helps the trim to really stand out.
a nice simple, traditional mantle 
with a soft arch over the opening.
notice the nice detailing on it?
little things like that really add to a space~
we designed the marble slab on the hearth to lay level with the 
hardwood floors. this allows the hearth the read as
floor space, which visually expands the floor, 
and allows the homeowner
(if needed) to place the leg of a table or chair on the hearth.
also, by laying the hearth level with the floor,
you alleviate any possibility of tripping!
oooo...have you ever tripped on a hearth,
or gigged your ankle on the corner of one?
not fun.

Sep 27, 2010


a client brought me this portrait 
of her 5 year old daughter,
and asked me to design a room for her.
isn't it beautiful?
i adore the colors and the style of the painting.
i would love the paint the walls a soft blue, 
and bring in some punches of a maize yellow and orange.
maybe something like this:
i would love to throw in a little of this:
but it is not very budget friendly.
maybe we can swing just a pillow...

Sep 24, 2010

diy succulent arrangement

the lobby i am working on needed something a small, 
low maintenance arrangement for one of the tables,
so i offered to throw together a 
succulent arrangement.
here is what you will need:
a dish/bowl 
(i got this aluminium one at tj maxx)
some succulents 
(mine are from ikea, but they are available 
anywhere with a nursery)
river stones
(mine are from the dollar store)
 i got three packs of stones---
one with larger stones, and two with small. 
i put the larger stones on the bottom, and then
one pack of the smaller stones on top.
 carefully empty  each pot and 
arrange it in your container.
use the last pack of stones to cover up the dirt.
the stones also help secure the plants.
all finished! 
not only does a succulent arrangement add
a nice dose of green to a space, but it only needs to
be watered every 7-10 days.
easy to make, easy to maintain,
and easy on the eyes.

Sep 23, 2010

my new precious

yep. it's mine.
allllll mine.

i wasn't planning on upgrading to the iphone 4,
but i was considering buying a small camera to take
with me to meetings, and the camera on the iphone is
pretty amazing. (killing two birds with one stone!)
plus, it has a video camera, AND
face time. and an HD screen.
and it looks cool. and i got a free
case. and my kids can now use my old iphone as
an itouch.(recycling! yay!)
and i look good holding it.
check out the camera:
OLD iphone:

NEW iphone:



nuff said.
go get one.
if you are unclear about my feelings for my iphone,

Sep 22, 2010

more window treatments

i almost forgot to post these.
this is one dressed up window!
LOVE the smocking detail at the top.
and the banding at the bottom.
and aren't the roman shades fantastic?
there's a lot going on here, but it works.
i thought this one was really interesting. 
the soft curve at the top
is really beautiful, and you know i'm a sucker for a little
dose of trim. and --hello!! i am completely in love with
the nailhead trim on top.
must. copy. sometime.
i have had this picture since, like, 1997.
i love that the valances are hung from the 
ceiling by little "hooks"...
not something you see very often.
simple, formal, and with a great curved top.
i couldn't resist this large scale gingham in yellow.
it's just

Sep 21, 2010

riding that line...

between classic and modern.
this house does it so well...

love that high gloss door!
isn't the staircase divine?
black doors!
and a touch of zebra never hurts...
even though the walls are white, the countertops and
backsplash are white,and there is a lot of stainless steel,
this room reads as "warm" because of all the wood.
the floor to ceiling tile is beautiful.
and i love the color--not too dark, not too light.
lovely silk curtains...
although these look like they are made from a
silk taffeta, not dupioni.
the wallcovering/stencil behind the headboard 
really makes the room.
another gorgeous bathroom.
just doing my part to make your tuesday 
a little happier...
*smiles, autumn

all images found here

Sep 20, 2010

cheap chair love

i just started work on a living room.
we are trying to stick to a tight budget,
and i found these chairs 
that will be the prefect addition.
my client just ordered two.
love the legs, the tufting, and the price.
(just $305 a piece)
found here, of course.