Mar 31, 2011

making bedskirts better

having a custom bedskirt made, or making one your self?
here are two tips to make your bedskirt better:
consider buying an additional flat sheet that either matches or coordinates with the fitted sheet on the bed, to use  
as the decking for the bedskirt. 
when the covers are off, or the bedskirt slips out of place,
it will still look great!
(these photos are from my son, gradys room.
his sheets are ralph lauren's aragon collection,
and were purchased at marshalls)
line your bedkskirts.
just like in window treatments, lining helps a bedskirt to hang better and gives a more finished look.
 (the duvet, bedskirt and large plaid pillow were made by my friend tara.)
a view of grady's room.
and just for kicks--here are some of the
weird poses that i have found my little
man in....

how is this comfortable?
looking at these always makes me laugh!

Mar 30, 2011

hello, yellow

one of the most difficult transitions for me in moving 
from the south to the west is the
weather during SPRING. in tennessee, the leaves are  
budding on the trees, the grass 
is green, and the flowers are all in bloom. 
here in utah, it snowed on monday.
however, one of the bright spots of my day yesterday, 
was when i spotted the first burst of a 
yellow forsythia bush, just down the street.
it made me so happy! and i know that although spring in tennessee
is a few weeks ahead of us will eventually make it's way to utah.
 today i thought i would post some pretty things
that can give your home a burst of happy yellow:

yellow pagoda chandelier
(yeah, i know this is a total budget buster, but with some
yellow spray paint, and some careful watching on ebay, you
could get a similar look for a  fraction of the cost)

katsugi fabric.
(oh, how i would love to see some
roman shades made from this fabric
in the kitchen window of house #6!)

benjamin moore's showtime 923

here's to hoping spring hurries up and 
gets here already!!

Mar 29, 2011

fresh fabric find:victoria larson

not long ago, i was contacted by victoria larson about 
the launch of her new textile line.
when i visited her site, i was
really pleased with what i saw:
her fabrics are fun, graphic, unique AND eco-friendly.
i had a hard time selecting a favorite...
 "garden stool"
 "buzzed" in black
 "school of fish"
i have to admit, that this one
might just be my fave.
 "garden stool" in navy + "corinthian"
"school of fish", "sticks", and "pod".
she also has some amazing pillows:
(i am dying over these...
aren't they clever?
must have...)

 fabrics are available in a heavyweight cotton suitable for upholstery, 
or an organic sateen,
and, for a small fee
 can be CUSTOM colored! 
i love this news! 
you can check out victoria's entire line of fabrics here.

Mar 28, 2011

confessions of a designer

be sure the check out kirstens new series:
starting today, and everyday this week, several designers,
including MOI will be answering some interesting questions about 

working with a designer.
Abbe from Studio ten 25

i am thrilled to be in the company of such amazing and talented
designers + bloggers, and i think this series will be informative and
take some of the fear that people have of working with
an interior designer.

also,  thanks to brianne for featuring me on her blog last friday.
she asked me some pretty interesting questions, and if you want
to see my answers, click here.

Mar 27, 2011

tutorial: anthropologie lampshade

as promised,
the tutorial:
this project is really easy!
i promise.
what you will need:
and old lampshade. 
(i bough mine for $1 at the  downeast clearance center.
it has a few scratches and bumps on it, but this technique 
covers a lot of imperfections and is very forgiving)
a cricut, or other personal cutter
(or, if you want, you can cut the circles by hand)
heat + bond/iron-on fabric stabilizer
2 yards of fabric
(i used 1/8 yard of 6 kinds of linen, and 1/2 yard of another,
but using 100% cotton will give you cleaner edges)
enough to wrap around the top and bottom of your shade.
i bought my trim at joanns, and used 2 yards.
repositionable spray adhesive
glue + foam brush
 the first, and most time consuming step is to cut out your circles.
i used my cricut, and cut the circles in sizes ranging from 2 1/2" to 5".
before you can run fabric through a cricut, you need to stabilize it. i used heat and bond.
this video tutorial was super helpful:

here you can see some of the circles, all cut out.
i lightly sprayed the circles with a repositionable spray mount, and began placing them on my shade.
if you are more daring than me, you
can start applying your circles with permanent glue.
the repositionable adhesive lets you move things around, so you can move any circles you want as you go.
i found myself moving things around quite a bit...
i tired to alternate the colors, sizes and textures of my circles as i went.
be sure to leave some circles hanging off the edge. this gives a more random appearance, which is what you want.
once all you circles are in place, carefully 
trim the excess from the edge of your shade.
then, using a brush and some glue, i glued all of the circles down permanently.
i just went around the shade, and gently pulled up the edges of the circles and 
spread the glue on the backs with the foam brush.
taking the same brush, i applied the trim to the top and bottom of the shade.
at the end, i folded the edge of the trim over for a neater look,
 and to prevent fraying.
all done.
thanks for all the comments on the shade so far!
the best thing about this shade is that you can customize it for
your home.  i used more neutral colors for mine 
because i knew it would work better in my home...
but don't you think this technique would
look amazing in just ONE color?
or in a kids room with several brighter shades?
if you decide to attempt this project on
your own, be sure and send me pictures!
i would love to see the variations that
y'all come up with.

i'm linking to: tatertots and jello

Mar 25, 2011

anthropologie inspired lampshade

forgive me for not posting yesterday. i just got SO busy!
you see, in addition to design work, and blogging, i also get to do
glamorous things like clean the toilets, do the laundry and try to
figure out what's for dinner. again.
sometimes, i just get a little swamped.
one of the little side projects for the den that has kept me busy is my version of an anthopologie lampshade.
when i spotted this lampshade several months ago,
i was smitten.
 i loved the circles, the different textures.
i loved it all.
except for the colors.
so, i decided to make one that was a 
little more neutral....
i'm not gonna lie....
it was pretty time consuming.
i fretted over where to put each and every circle...
when i first started cutting the circles out, 
i thought i had  WAY too many.
 but i ended up using every single one.
 it took about two yards of linen, 
and two yards of trim.
 i'm very happy with the way it turned out.
it's whimsical and textural and unique.
and looks really fun with the light on!
and my gold leafed lamp finally has a shade.
i will be posting a tutorial sometime this weekend.
see you soon!