hey there, i’m autumn. 
but you can call me “amber,” “april”, “august” or anything that starts with an “A” and has something to do with the seasons or the weather.

i am a wife and mother or three, but when i am not chauffeuring kids and begrudgingly doing laundry, i  am an interior designer and author of this blog.
I love stripes, hardwood floors, finding bargains, classic  interiors with a modern edge, sunsets, laughing, cooking, going on adventures both big and small with my family, and drooling over design magazines.

design dump is my place to share  design inspiration, current trends, affordable finds, highlights of my e-design and local projects, and the occasional odd thing that makes me laugh. heck, sometimes you may even catch a glimpse of my camera shy family. and yeah, i write in all lowercase letters...i use the extra 3 minutes a day that NOT capitalizing letters saves me to play solitaire on my iphone or actually dust something in my house.

want to know more?
well, once upon a time, i earned a BFA in Interior Design from BYU and launched my design career in office design, first working at a large university, and then at a herman miller dealer, specializing in systems furniture.
for the next decade that followed (and with three kiddos that came along the way), i ran the design arm of my husband's luxury home building company in knoxville, tennessee. i consulted with our clients on everything to do with homes: plan design and modification, exterior color and material selections, as well as all interior finishes and architectural details. in addition to building and remodeling for clients, we also built two homes, and remodeled another three for ourselves. i refer to these homes affectionately by house #1 through #5.
after the downturn of the residential construction market (oh, so you heard about that too??), our family relocated to salt lake city, where my husband took a job working for a commercial construction company. after the move, I realized I needed a healthy dose of “daily pretty” in my life. i was thousands of miles away from my family and my home,  and was stuck in a rental house featuring duck print wallpaper , 7 different kinds of flooring, and an oven the size of my head.

i started design dump almost as a form of therapy, but also as a way to organize the piles of pages i had ripped from magazines over the years (this was before the luxury of pinterest!) sensitive to budgets, i am always on the prowl for affordable finds that are too good not to share.

fast forward to 2012. we are in our second rental house with plans to purchase house #6 this summer. so come along for the ride as I search for, find and decorate my new home! it’s great to have you here!

have questions? feel free to contact me anytime: