Mar 16, 2011

buy this, not that.

ever walk into a store, and see something fabulous, and then, right next to it,
is something that is the SAME price, but it is frumpy and, well...not fabulous?
that happens to me all the time...and i wonder to myself...
"why would anyone buy THAT, when they can buy THIS, and it's
at least 10 times better than THAT?"
and so, this post was born.
realize that by reading this and looking at
these pictures, that you are getting my big, fat 
opinions and you should not get offended if you have, 
in fact, bought "that".
ok, here goes....
buy this, not that: 
ROSS edition.

buy THIS:
real wood?
cute shape?
makes people think that you went somewhere cool to buy this?
yep, yep, yep.
buy it.

not THAT.
every college dorm in the country probably has one?
no thank you.

buy THIS:
simple, clean lines.
nice, reclaimed-wood top.

not THAT:
ummm...kinda looks like it belongs in a palm-readers hut?
do not buy.
just walk away.

buy THIS:
strong, simple, substantial.

not THAT:
frilly, weird flowery things on it, 
and kinda dated looking.

buy THIS:
(no, that was NOT a pun.)

not THAT:
fake "antiqued" face.
and the makers name is waaaay too big.

buy THIS:
again, having something like this evokes a feeling
of being well-traveled. bonus points if you have actually
BEEN to thailand or....wherever this is supposed to be from.
(as you can tell, i am NOT well-traveled.)

not THAT:
hey, i love king tut as much as the next person...
(i was actually completely obsessed with king tut when i was
in grade school), but this just looks like something
someone might have picked up at a vegas gas station.

buy THIS:
simple, clean vases like this look great filled with
rocks, branches, or other decorative filler,
and when filled with flowers, really let the
arrangement be the star.

not THAT:
this is 1986 calling.
you have our vase....we need it back for the 
filming of "howard the duck returns."

buy THIS:
a simple, solid throw in a bold color like this
(the orange was much softer in person by the way)
looks great as a punch of color at the foot of a bed,
or on a sofa or chair.

not THAT:
just don't buy this.

buy THIS:
pillows should really be fun and interesting.
if this pillow were a person, it would be 
the talkative, attractive person at the party that makes
everyone laugh and feel good.

not THAT:
if this pillow were a person, it would
want to sit too close to you on the couch and
talk about bunions and taxes.

happy shopping y'all!


  1. This is hilarious! I completely agree with all of your "this"! Too funny!


  2. HaHa I often find myself saying the same thing when I am out and about. I think most people really just go with what they are comfortable with. Those who prefer the traditional route often go there.

    For the creative and the imaginative they choose the opposite. What a great post. I must make sure I stay attentive for the next installment.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, although I do admit to having a few unfortunate pleather pieces in my house right now. (Doing my best to rectify that situation!)That teak pedestal/table thing and the black and white pillow are so pretty.

    Love your blog!

  4. Love this post!
    Especially the comparison of the pillows to people. You are right on!!! I hope I am the cool black geometric pillow at a party!

  5. Hilarious--I often wonder the same thing, and then have to go through the marvels (again) of all the people with bad taste, because not only will someone buy all that crap, but someone had to design it, and lots of people had to greenlight it to get it manufactured...It baffles the mind.

    Also, I'm 100% in agreement with you. I guess we both have good taste.

  6. The King Tut made me laugh out loud! And I should check out Ross more often!

  7. Bahahaha. This is fabulous post idea. I hope you do more of these!

    BTW, if the Thai statue makes you look well-traveled, the King Tut statue makes you look like you've traveled BACK IN TIME THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and I'd be impressed by someone who had done that. Just sayin'. :)

  8. Fun post! Please do it again some day!!

  9. You're hysterical. I'm still laughing about the King Tut thing. (What is that anyway?)

  10. Great post idea! My Dad used to say "That's why there is chocolate and vanilla, so people have a choice." Of course there is no accounting for taste, so thanks for sharing your GOOD taste (and humor)!


  11. Love this post! Maybe you could make this into a series? :)

  12. I just bought two of those black and white pillows and posted a pic of them on my blog. Such a great deal and they certainly look more expensive than the $5.99 price tag!

  13. I really liked this post. Very good idea. I think it should return ( =

  14. SUCH a fun post..loved all your "buy this's".

  15. I live this dilemma everyday where I work. It baffles me at what is attractive to some people. IF its one thing I learned working in the furniture retail industry its would be that "ugly sells!" I definitely agree with all of your buy this'.I especially like the reclaimed wood side table. And King Tut...really?

  16. Hilarious post!
    Great points here ;)

  17. What a great post. Love reading it and seeing all the pics!

  18. Love this post...I agree it would be a great series!

  19. well, i REALLY enjoyed reading all the comments on the post!!
    a few of them really made me laugh.
    and yes, i WILL bring this back as a series!
    i had a lot of fun with it and i am glad no one took it TOO seriously. because at some time, i think all of us (including me) have bought a "THAT".

  20. This was awesome. Sometime's I look at that stuff and wonder, "who is buying that???" and more importantly what company is producing that????

    keep it coming

  21. Agree agree agree!!!! I do that all the time, I cringe sometimes when I see what some people put in their carts when there are so many other lovely items still on the shelf. Design is and will always be subjective. I like this series, I think it is a great way to teach others to have a discerning eye. Great job, Kathysue

  22. hah - this is great. could not agree more!

  23. Brilliant post- glad we will see future versions. I have wondered a few of those things myself.

  24. Absolutely you should make this into a series, super fun!! Janell

  25. Umm, I'm the black sheep here but the vase that's squigly has total potential. Most of the other's I agree with, especially the pillows.

  26. Oh crud...I have some of those things! :-) So funny Autumn, you really should make this a series.

  27. I have needed that coffee table ALL My life!!! Oh how I wish all Ross' carried the same stuff!!!

  28. Hey...I know that pillow. Thanks for the laugh!

  29. Some of the more fashionable items are not child friendly...for that reason I'm drawn to the pleather-dont care if its ruined, easier on the toddling walkers and crawlers. I'm all for great design but sometimes I have to pick function over form:(

  30. this cracks me up! I love the last one! if this were a person he'd want to sit to close to you on the couch.... lol!

  31. what a great post, please do it again!
    Informative and funny :)

  32. Very intereresting reading. thx


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