May 31, 2010


memorial day.
i hope you are somewhere with fabulous people,
eating fabulous food.
and hey...if you happen to have a fabulous
view like this, all the better!
image via coastal living

May 29, 2010

more stripes...

cuz i just cannot get enough!

all images via elle decor

May 28, 2010

little shed

this picture makes me *sigh.
image via country living

design plan: anne's study

anne is looking to transform her
formal dining room into a
cozy neutral space for her three teenage kids 
to study and use the computer.
here's what i came up with for her.
as the project progresses, 
i will update info on sources.

May 27, 2010

my urns

as soon as we moved into house #1,
i bought a pair of urns for my front porch.
i love the symmetry it creates,
and enjoy the yearly ritual of selecting
the color scheme for the flowers.
i am currently on my third pair of urns.
the first pair broke, and we left the second
pair in tennessee when we moved to utah.
last year, i filled my new urns with 
mini cypress trees, and a mixture of
red and purple flowers mixed with creeping rosemary.
i was hoping to keep the cypress trees alive, 
but they died. i am really diligent
about watering the precious content of
my planters for the first few months,
but once september hits,
i lose all interest and every thing dies.
so, i am currently trying to decide what to do this year...
i usually try to have some type of tree in the
center of the urn. i really love the height it
creates, and it is a great backdrop to the 
colorful flowers.
i love the pink + white in these urns.
this look is bold and bright.
two shades of pink are nice here.

this one is amazing! 
i love the colors.
i like the wild look in this urn...
and the blues and purples are really soothing.
this one is gor------geous!
love the orange.
i could just fill my urns with herbs...
or succulents. 
i love the way this looks!
do you have any "tried and true"
plants that you have used in the past?
if so, let me know---
i need all the help i can get!

images found via: country living,
 southern living, flickr, deborah silver

May 26, 2010

design*crush: mary mcdonald

until a week ago, i didn't realize i had a crush on mary mcdonald...
but one of her rooms caught my eye, and so i googled her.
oh my.
 i realized that i recognized dozens of her spaces
because i have them stored in my design files!
serendipity at it's finest.
this woman has phenomenal taste.
she is a true master of color,
and i LOVE the 
layers and textures 
and details she uses
to create 
and refined rooms.

 new favorite designer!
images found at mary mcdonald, verandapatricia gray 
did you have a favorite room,
or something that really caught YOUR eye?
i'd love to hear what you think!

May 24, 2010

pretty vignettes

sometimes i tear a picture from a magazine
because i just love the
 styling of a vignette.
i like the stacked photos...
hung fairly low, 
and the eclectic, masculine feel of this one.
nice "wow" wallpaper
star light fixture,
gorgeous golden bamboo mirror
and matching lamps 
all had me swooning.
traditional with a little edge.
the greenery is really a nice touch.
love the architectural chairs against the 
chocolate walls,
with pops of chartreuse.
the layers and textures are so interesting in this one.
it really looks like a cozy place to sit...
simple and chic.
love the texture on the walls!
and you can never go wrong with orchids
or a great black and white photograph.
so simple.
so elegant.

May 21, 2010


the wall stripes for the half bath 
in the tween hangout
just got finished!

i am really excited.
it is going to be such a FUN space!