Jan 30, 2010

design*crush: vincent wolfe

a picture is worth a 
thousand words right?
i don't think i need too many words to
describe why i have a major design*crush 
on vincente wolfes' work.
i'll just let the 
pictures do the talking!
vincente wolfe

thank you, mr. wolfe, for making the 
world a more beautiful place.
one room at a time.

images from here

p.s. in case you didn't know, vincente wolfe has a blog,
and, he actually lets reader ask him design questions!

you can check it out here

Jan 29, 2010

window shopping

just a few things from allmodern
that really want to come and
live at my house:
talon long charcoal pillow
kartell bourgie lamp

eames walnut stool
(i have been wanting one of these for over 10 years!)
thomas paul blossom rug

moderne mirror
(love, love, love)

timber table
(super fun!)
artemis pillow

emeco navy armchair
(so classic)

geometric florals paisley rug

world map sticker

chevron pillow

all items available here

Jan 28, 2010

in case you didn't know...

my lego party was 
featured at party perfect,
my go-to site for cute, inspiring party ideas.

you can see my feature here
thank you sara!

my kind of diy

transform a piece of furniture with 
this chevron pattern
available at sunset magazine
yeah! i love cool stuff, and even better,
FREE cool stuff!

Jan 27, 2010

my mailbox stinks

the rental house we are in right now has 
a few features that i like, but one thing that has been
driving me crazy is the ugly, lopsided mail box.
it is the quasimodo of mail boxes.

for real, right?
(you thought i was exaggerating, didn't you?)
it totally leans to one side, has
big dents in it, 
is falling off the post,
and the door wont stay shut.
it's a total eye sore.
i'm thinking of sending my 
landlord some pictures of a few
mail boxes i found here

these are so cute, i wish i had a wall mounted mail box:

there is some good news:
right now, our mail box is
buried in snow, so i really only have 
to look at the top 18 "of it!

modern botanicals

i love the soft, modern 
look of these botanicals. 
they are $99 a pice,
but i think they could be recreated for much, much less.
anyone out there want to try?

available at wisteria

Jan 26, 2010

mini me

my 8 year old daughter 
wants me to re-do her room
when we find house #6. 
she has already told me that she doesn't 
want anything "tacky" or "too pink and stuff".
ahh...i am so glad we agree!
i thought this color palette would be fun:
fabrics found at

p.s. my kids use the word "tacky" way too much.
i wonder where they get it from?
oh yeah, me. 

Jan 25, 2010

trash + treasure

i'm not sure if anyone else follows 
marian parsons blog,
but if you don't, 
you should be.
 right before christmas, she did a series of posts
on all the treasures she uncovered from 
her grandparents attic.
she discovered  some
amazing things.

like this...

and this.
you can check more out more of her
discoveries here here and here.

*can i just say "jealous"?*

well, recently, i was talking to
my grandmother and she told me she was 
cleaning out her attic, and had set aside a
 "box of special things" 
just for me.
i was seriously excited.
we made the hour-long drive,
and my special box was loaded
into the back of my car. 
i could hardly wait to open it!
what would be inside?!
vintage dice?
some incredible vintage fabric?
i tore into it as soon as we got home. 
what was inside?
a pretty random assortment of things...

cleaning sponges,
a blue bunny...

a giant white sweater vest,
3 turquoise nightgowns
(1 flannel, 2 polyester),

some plastic doilies,
a map, some books and empty notebooks...

a pair of green polyester gloves,
some handkerchiefs,
and 3, yes 3 pairs of used polyester socks.

vintage soap anyone?

i'm still trying to figure out exactly
why my grandma had a bike lock
in the first place...

and, my personal fave- 
an unused pair of
red knee-highs.
so, if you cannot tell, my grandma is a very
sensible and provident woman, which
are just a few of the traits that i
admire about her. so, i am
sure she figured i could put all
of those items to good use.
and, as a matter of fact, i
have used the scotch-brite pads
twice this week. not sure if i'll ever get 
around to using those nightgowns, though...
but,of course, 
there were a few
as well....

4 vintage 
embroidered handkerchiefs,

and this.

done by my grandma.
i just love the colors in it.
she told me it was her favorite.
i'm a happy girl.
the back was even signed.
thank you grandma.
i love you.