Oct 30, 2015

one room challenge week 4: the calm before the storm. (i hope.)

its week 4 of the one room challenge, and i am having a bit of a challenge with my cabinet guy.

if i could write a summary of the last week, it would be a little something like this:

email cabinet guy.
wait a day.
obsess over whether i should email him again.
make a list of what can't be done until after the cabinets are INSTALLED. (hint: everything)
email him again, with some mirror detail, hoping it will jog his memory and make him email me back with information. changes. ANYTHING.
wait a day.
obsess over whether i should email him again.
make another list of what can't be done until after the cabinets are INSTALLED.
email him again, with some mirror detail, hoping it will jog his memory and make him email me back with information. changes. ANYTHING.

so. what i am trying to say is that pretty much nothing has changed.

except i did FINALLY get a set of revised plans back:

the laundry room:

the mudroom:

i have ordered everything that can be ordered...
including these for the upper laundry cabinets in the mudroom room:

found these for about 40% off on ebay. they will go on the three lower drawers in the mudroom.

ordered the tolson hardware for the laundry room: (8" pulls for the drawer and the pull out, and the 18" pull for the large storage cabinet. )

the two cabinets over the washer/dryer will get knobs.

i am a little bummed that the knobs won't be available until DECEMBER. boo! but i love them, and figured it is better to wait for what i know i want than buy something for now just to "get a good picture" for the finale.

here is my progress shot for the week:

the backsplash tile.
the 18" tolson cabinet pull (how dreamy is this??)
trim for the roman shades. ( not kidding. i have been dragging this trim around for about 12 years, just waiting for the perfect spot to use it. )

wish me luck.
and happy halloween!

Oct 22, 2015

one room challenge, week 3: cabinet plans

week 3 of the one room challenge...this is always the week where you realize you better GET SOME STUFF DONE if you're going to make the deadline!

i finally got some preliminary plans from the cabinet fabricators!
the spaces are pretty small, and i have definite ideas of what works for our family.
in order to best communicate the changes i needed, i sent a revised copy of the plans with some notes and images. when communicating with sub contractors, it always helps to provide not only specific dimensions, (or a range of acceptable dimensions), and some pictures that show what you are looking for.

here are the changes/notes i sent:

 the ceilings on the main floor of my house are 9 feet. i want there to be some breathing room on top of the cabinets, and so i asked that they NOT be brought up to the ceiling. i think it will help the space feel a bit less claustrophobic. another reason i decided to lower the cabinets was because the light fixtures in both spaces are centered....if i brought the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, the lights would feel off center.

i have placed some orders for most items, and should have most all of the components by next week!

still waiting to see some revised drawings, but with my notes, and pictures, they should be a pretty quick turn around.

Oct 15, 2015

one room challenge week 2: the plan

week 2 of the one room challenge is underway. i am making some progress on decisions.

now that i have committed to getting this area done in the next few weeks, i have been getting nervous about getting the cabinets made and installed. no kidding---i have emailed my cabinet fabricator 4 times in the last 5 days. i think he gets the hint that i am READY for those drawings.
i still don't have them yet, and i feel like i am sprouting grey hairs waiting around...

here is the design plan for the area:

i love to pull together these plans for clients, and always make one for rooms i am designing in my own home. for me, having a visual guide for a room helps me finalize finishing touches, and motivates me to complete the project!

the mudroom PLAN:

*add a seating/storage built-in (the longer leather pulls will be installed on the lower drawers, and the leather pulls will be on the upper cabinets)

*add planking. i am considering a "random" look to the panels.

*adding grasscloth to the ceiling. i scored some ralph lauren herringbone grasscloth wallpaper about year ago on ebay, and i am hoping i have enough!

* adding some art. still up in the air about size, style, color...

*adding shelling to the closet, along with the bird wallpaper. i have been in love with that wallpaper for a while, and i like the idea of getting a little rush of happiness when i open that cam closet.

laundry room PLAN:

*add cabinets with some great hardware

*add counter. i am hoping to find a rem ant of a black veined marble, but i will settle for some honed absolute black granite.

*install a backsplash. this might be one of the items that doesn't happen happen due to time and money.

*add a roman shade

*install some trim to the ceiling in an "x" detail

*get a new light.

if anyone want my cabinet guys email, so that you TOO can bug him about getting those drawings to me, let me know! he might need a little more email motivation! ha! i'm only kidding. (or AM i?)

you can see pictures of the space in my week 1 post here

Oct 9, 2015

affordable find: brass terrace side table

i actually own the first table...the more expensive one! if i had waited a year, i would have for sure snagged the look alike bargain!

jacana accent table

terrace side table

happy shopping!!

Oct 8, 2015

one room challenge week 1: mudroom + laundry room

its hard to believe its that time of year again! you  know....the one room challenge! (yaaaaayyyy!!)

if you follow my blog you know what this is pretty much the ONLY TIME THAT ANYTHING GETS DONE IN MY HOUSE.

so yeah. i get a little bit excited.

i have participated in the last three rounds of the one room challenge, and was one of the featured designers in the last round when i transformed my teenage daughter olivia's room:

it started as this:

 you can  see more pictures of this project here

the year before, i finished my mini office:

which started out here:
(you can read more about this project here)

and my daughter charlottes room:

which  started out like this:

you can read more about this project here)

this time around, i will be tackling this area:

as you can see, my mudroom, laundry room and back hall closet are VERY compact spaces. my laundry room could almost be listed in the guinness book of world records are the smallest laundry room EV-uh.

seriously, its pretty tiny.

this is the view looking into the hall from the kitchen:
 so much potential!

 looking into the laundry room. (sorry about the crazy iPhone pano shot!)

back towards the kitchen:

the rug and light fixtures will be staying. 


we just got a dog, and i was totally unprepared for the amount of STUFF they need and space they take up!! i am hoping to find a better place for the dog crate...

and....because i want you to get a real sense of the true nature of whats really happening in behind those closed closet doors:


right now, there is a freestanding bookcase and everything else is literally just thrown in there.
its a disaster.

my goal for these spaces is to dress them up with some custom cabinetry,
pretty hardware, loads of storage, some special ceiling treatments and a little bit of wallpaper.
i am still in the midst of planning the final details of this space, but here are some of my inspiration pictures:

stay tuned! i am hoping to have some drawings of the cabinetry back by next week, and i should have a solid plan for the look of everything as well!

Oct 1, 2015

design plan: family room with accents in lime + teal

sometimes, color is just the right addition to perk up a neutral space:

interested in working together?
email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com to schedule a consultation!

PS: these consultations make amazing christmas gifts! yes....i just said christmas. and it's the first day of october!