May 23, 2016

laundry + mudroom PROGRESS

remember when i started this project? yeah..its been so long that even i ALMOST don't remember.
so, just to refresh our memories, here is the laundry and mudroom in my house.
small, but full of potential.

no cabinets. no storage. no counter. just a lonely washer and dryer and a pretty cute striped floor.

another kooky panoramic view, standing in the laundry room:

from the garage entry, looking into the mudroom area:

AND>>>>an update...these spaces are still not done.
however, a lot of progress has been made.
the paneling up in the hallway. it still needs to be caulked and painted, and we need to install thicker baseboards to macth the thickness of the paneling. (long story---the carpenters put in paneling that was triple the thickness that we asked for, even thicker than our baseboards!! ugh. so now, we need to replace the baseboards with material that is the same crazy thickness)

the laundry room is well on its way to being done!
i installed the window shade, the cabinets and counter are in, and a new light was installed.

oh...and the hardware for this room is fantastic! i LOVE it, and get giddy whenever i open a cabinet.
(i  used the tolson hardware from rejuvenation)

isn't it yummy?

the counters are a honed black granite.

the light is from west elm.

the mudroom cabinets are in...after being made WRONG twice.
 the storage here has transformed my life! i love it!

the drawer fronts are a metal mesh, and the long leather wrapped hardware is a nice textural addition.
all the paneling needs to be caulked, sanded and painted.
after that happens, i can install the wallpaper on the ceiling and install the new lights.

i will also get some glass transoms made, which will add even more character to this tiny space.

SO, there you have it!
a little peek at the progress of the laundry and mudroom. i am not sure when this space will be TOTALLY finished, but when it is, i will be thrilled to share it with you!

May 12, 2016

one room challenge REVEAL: gradys bedroom

it's here! week 5 of the one room challenge, hosted by linda at calling it home. 

this room was such a pleasure for me to design for my 12 year old son. i tend to gravitate towards cleaner, more masculine lines, and so pulling this room together for him was really fun. as with all kids spaces that i design, i ask my pint size clients (or their parents) what they want. 
what they like. what they dislike. what their hobbies are. what colors they want to include.

grady's list was pretty simple:
black walls.
NO color.
a place where he could play vidoegames.
an extra seat for friends, reading and guitar playing.
a fluffy duvet.


welcome to gradys grown up BOY CAVE:

wall color is onyx by benjamin moore.

i saved a TON of money by purchasing the large items on sale and clearance. the bed is from jc penney (purchased on clearance about 2 years ago for $320), and the dresser is from west elm, but found last spring at downeast home for just under $240. the nightstand was also a downeast home purchase--i have had it for close to 8 years and i paid about $70 for it. these savings allowed me to spend a bit more on items like the custom pillow and the large round mirror.

duvet cover and pillow shams are from west elm.  the plaid pillow is custom made from a ralph lauren  fabric (found on eBay for a fraction of the retail cost).  the leather pillow is from wayfair (purchased over 6 years ago).

the framed print was purchased at west elm forever ago---like close to 10 years. i adore the subtle color it brings into the space, and the movement of the single figure on the horizon.

the custom bolster pillow has a flanged edge, which feels masculine and tailored but adds a bit of softness.

the lamp is from west elm. the head figure was purchased at wisteria and the petrified wood slice is from home goods.

you can see how i made these shadow boxes to display grady's collection of pressed pennies in a previous post. i decided to make this arrangement all about the pennies---the black walls and frames and mats really allow the pennies to the the star.

the curtain panels and plant pot are from ikea and the curtains rods are from target. the mirror is from wisteria.

this entire wall cost less than $400. (minus the tv and gaming components of course) the bookcase and desk are from ikea, the ottoman is from home goods, and the frames are from ikea and target. the art was purchased from we have had the aeron chair since 1999.

accessories were gathered from travels, or purchased at home goods, hobby lobby, west elm or ikea.

the hobby lobby faceted wood knobs were added to the ikea micke desk.


light fixture is from z gallerie.

ahhh! the lounge zone! 
grady often sits here to practice guitar and read, and also pulls it over the the desk when he has a friend over playing video games. the chair is from overstock, the acrylic shelf is from cb2, and the side table is from home goods. the pillow is from etsy seller spark modern.

just a reminder about where i started---here is the design plan that i created as a visual guide for the finished room:

and who doesn't love a good BEFORE!!

and AFTER:

another BEFORE view:


thanks for stopping by!

i know i promised that i would have the laundry and mudroom done by now, but....uh, NO. 

it is still not done. 

i do have a little peek that i will be posting in the next day or so...there are still a lot of projects to complete, but i am more than halfway done, and i am really happy with the way it is coming along:

a TINY little peek: