Jun 28, 2011


hi friends! 
this week, i will be here:

and here:

after three years in the west, we are  finally  "home" to visit family and friends.
ok, ok...we are also sneaking in a little time at the beach and orlando. i am hoping 
to take some amazing pictures to share with you, and maybe even pop in and get
a peek at tracery interiors store in rosemary beach, since i will be staying close by.
i forgot a few things about being here...how much i MISS seeing crepe  myrtles and magnolia
trees everyday....the humidity (yep, didn't think i missed it, but i do!)...hearing southern accents
at every turn, and driving for miles and miles and seeing nothing but trees.
it's good to be back.
i'll catch up with y'all later in the week.

Jun 27, 2011

affordable find: hexagonal glass table

wouldn't this sassy little table look great just about anywhere?

this sassy little table would look great anywhere AND leave you will
a few more $$ in your pocket! 


Jun 24, 2011

black library: a peek

i have been collaborating with my friend jen on a few projects in her home.
(in fact the master bedroom design plan that i posted a few weeks ago was for
HER master bedroom...more to come on that for SURE.)
she used my foyer and study in house #5 as inspiration to create her entry and
her black library. we are finally done with the library, and i thought i would show
you a little peek:
i am in LOVE with the wallpaper on the ceiling! we chose to paint the small vertical
wall portion on the inside of the trey ceiling a soft black to help the wall disappear
and allow the wallpaper to take center stage. we also added the imperial trellis curtains.
i actually have some REALLY exciting news about this project, but i have to wait a
little while to tell y'all...jen and i are super excited, though! we have a great time working
together, and i love every single one of the projects we have tackled together.
anyway, what do you think? should jen and i run away together and start a design firm?

**many thanks to laurie at tipjunkie for  mentioning my safari pool party and my birds of a feather party in her "25 popular tween and teenager birthday parties" post on wednesday.

Jun 22, 2011

big box pillows

ah...pillows. those small. soft objects can add so much to a room!
etsy has really changed the options of pre-made pillows available to those of us looking
for unique and custom pillows. but the big box stores like walmart, target and kohls
always seem to do a great job of keeping up with trends and demand. i recently spotted
some surprisingly fabulous pillows while i was out and about.
like this deep eggplant velvet number at kohls....

and this super long lumbar pillow. wow...totally love this shape! 
i LOVE the stripes. how great would this pillow look on a sofa?

check out the detail on this grey pillow! it resembles pillows i have seen that retail at $150 and up.
i am pretty sure this is from the vera wag collection. no wonder it's cute, right?
some more beauties....
the details and texture are really amazing!
fun color combo. i am finding myself more and more drawn to olive green lately....

this one is from target....love the velvet stripes.

you can never go wrong with a solid silk pillow...and for 19.99, which includes a down insert?
sign me up!
have you noticed some design-forward pillows and home accessories in surprising places recently?

Jun 21, 2011

house update: coffered ceiling

i was really excited when my client was on board to do a coffered ceiling in the great room of their house. the ceilings are really high (18 feet), and i wanted to add some texture and character, and help
visually bring the ceiling down a bit. to help, we also plan on painting the inside of the coffers a rich, dark color. i am really pleased with the way it turned out! the trim carpenters did an amazing job of laying everything out and getting the scale right.
if they ever get tired of looking at their gorgeous coffered ceiling, they can look at the VIEW.
not bad, huh?

Jun 20, 2011

design plan: light + bright bedroom

 i recently completed this style plan for a client all the way in australia!
this was my first e-design client from another continent, and i was pretty
excited. my client is style savvy gal who needed a plan
to update her bedroom. she already has a bed, 2 night stands, a dresser and
desk in a crisp white, and hardwood floors (yay!)...we just need to inject some
personality, color and glamour into the space.

she let me take a peek at her inspiration file that she has online, and i quickly
 noticed a few patterns: flowers with fresh greenery, soft blue skies, and leopard.
i used those themes to create this design plan:
if you are looking to upgrade your mattress, you should look into buying one from a reputable
 temper mattresses dealer. 
as a courtesy to my e-design clients, i do not post sources for my design plans
on my blog, if there is a particular item that you are interested in, please e-mail me.

interested in working together to create a more functional and beautiful space? email me
at autumnclemons@yahoo.com for more information. i am still working on the
tabs in my header, including the "services" tab...it should be finished by the next
solar eclipse!! har, har. no...but seriously, i am slowly working on it and plan to
have it done in the next few weeks.
thanks for your patience!

Jun 18, 2011

random weekend ramblings...

it's been great to have the kids home for the summer. the first week was
r-o-c-k-y. there was a LOT of arguing...i thought i was going to have to keep them in 
individual rooms for the rest of the summer. but, we seem to have hit a good stride
and all is going well. for now.

i finally got to catch up with the rest of the world and watch the first few episodes of 
million dollar decorators. i agree with emily...i was definitely entertained, but also
agree with erica that a few of the comments and the general attitude about spending
other peoples money bothered me. i think my least favorite character on the show
is jeffery alan marks boyfriend/assistant. first of all, i really want to shave his head! ugh.
i swear, if i have to see him run his fingers through that obnoxious head of hair i think
i might get sick...plus, he is SUCH a snob. and i am also getting sick of kathryn ireland
talking about her chest. we get it. they are big. they are real. let's move on to something else.
i was surprised at how funny and quirky mary mcdonald is...
i am a big fan of her work, and it's been interesting to see a snippet of who she "really is".
i have to admit though, that it was actually very refreshing to see things go wrong...
beds that don't show up, back ordered shower drains,
clients that don't like things...it's not ALL glamour and fun, after all. 
i will continue to watch, of course. i can't help myself.

what is it about summer that makes me want to listen to country music?
maybe it reminds me of tennessee?  i don't know. 
but my kids HATE to be in the car with me from june to august.

i would LOVE to have window boxes all over my house dripping with flowers.
oh, and an herb garden with a paver walkway through it.
hey, ya gotta have dreams, right?

have you seen the caypso st barths collection at target? the colors and patterns are so...summery!
  i acutally bought this shirt, and have been wearing it way too much!

i miss the beach.
we are going to alabama this summer for a family reunion, and will be sneaking in a little
time at in orlando and on the gulf coast for florida. i can't wait!

*i hope everyone is having a happy weekend!

Jun 17, 2011

scanner "leftovers"

when i scan hundreds of images, i usually have a few images that don't seem to
"fit" in a category for a post, but are pretty all the same....
 i want these quartz votives!
 yummy, dark office.
(i heart bobby mcalpine.)
the texture and shapes in this image are beautiful.
love: the silk curtains, large black + white photo and the x benches.
the stenciled pattern at the top of the wall is killer!
fabulous architecture...amazing lighting...*sigh.
there are so many details and textures in this room(s). take a minute to let your eye wander, and 
you will see what i mean....
i love the idea of a bed draped in fabric. this fabric is bold and subtle at the same time.
i can't really explain why i like this image.
i just do.

*have a lovely weekend!

Jun 15, 2011

house update:framing and floor plan changes

the house is well under way! the framing is done, and we are working on selecting
flooring, cabinetry, lighting, trim profiles, plumbing fixtures, exterior materials and paint colors.
didn't i tell you that building a house is a LOT of work?
this is a view of the temporary staircase that was installed....the "real" staircase is structured
out of steel, and is about 4 times this size....and will be stunning!
because these clients involved me so early in the project, i was able to make a few minor modifications 
the the floor plan. one change i made that greatly impacted a bedroom, was to move the door
to the attached bath from the main part of the bedroom into the little "entry hall" of the bedroom.
this allows the entire wall in the bedroom to be used for furniture.
we are planning on using this neutral travertine in the mudroom/powder room
and also in the master bathroom, and having it cut and laid in a pattern.
you can actually find natural stone in most places for less than $5 a square foot.
cutting it into smaller pieces can allow you to create some interesting patterns:
this is what i did in the master bathroom that i recently remodeled...we bought 12x12 tiles,
and i designed the shower to have several different patterns on the wall. 
you can see more details of that project here.