Apr 21, 2016

ORC week 3: black walls and and ikea dilemma

it's week 3 of the one room challenge, and i am moving along with grady's room!
the walls are painted, and they look fantastic. it really is amazing how paint can transform a room!

i knew that i needed to stay on a budget with the "storage" wall, which will include a bookcase and a desk, so of course i turned to ikea.

my original plan was to purchase the 72" best burs desk.

i was at ikea several months ago, and fell in love with this desk. the slender, long proportions of the desk were prefect for what i envisioned. i almost bought it, but knew that it would just end up taking up space in my garage until the room was painted. when i went back to buy it, it was OUT OF STOCK. not only that, but DISCONTINUED and out of stock. i called several stores, tried to buy it online, waited to see if any remaining stock would be sent to my store so i could snatch one up. 
no luck. 
i was in mourning for several days, and started a new search for the perfect replacement desk. i found a few that i liked, but they were sadly way above my budget.

i ended up buying the similar, but shorter micke desk:


the micke desk, paired with the vittjo shelving unit will create a place for grady to play video games and store some of his books and other goodies.

 the dresser and bed have been placed in the room...and i spent some time this week putting together the ikea pieces:

 here is the shelving unit assembled and ready to style!

 coming this week:

installing the curtain rods and curtains

hanging art and the large mirror over the dresser

getting bedding and getting a custom pillow made for the bed


  1. The Black walls truly make a huge fabulous statement! Can't wait to see it all done!

  2. Oh, I hate it when things aren't in stock! This all looks fabulous though. It's really coming together!

  3. Yeah for black walls! I'm doing black walls in my dining room as well! I can only imagine how cozy your son's room is going to turn out.

  4. Looking great!! My ORC includes black walls too!!

  5. Ahhh the walls look so good in black! So frustrating about Ikea but the shelving unit was a great find!

  6. The shelves look fantastic against the black! LOVE!

  7. I love a dark wall, and love Ikea's book shelving systems. Can't wait to see the final. (Now blogging as designitvintage)

  8. I've used the Micke desks in my sewing room for a while now and they have been great. Love the contrast against the back. Can't wait to see the reveal

  9. Love the wall color, this is going to be so gorgeous.