Feb 21, 2010

house hunting update: good news/bad news

ideally, my husband and i would love
to stay in the same area where we
are currently renting. 
we love the
area, the schools, 
and the people here.

the good news:
there are some beautiful homes 
in this area:

the bad news:
they are way,
 way over our budget.

the good news:
there are plenty of homes in our
price range in the area.

the bad news?
they look like this:
or this
and have kitchens
 that look like this:
(no, i am not making this up... 
this is the actual kitchen of a home that is 
for sale in our school boundaries!)
and garages that look like this:
yea...just in case you want to go for a dip in the 
hot tub and wash your car at the same time.
i'll keep you posted as we look...


  1. haha oh my gosh that kitchen!!! Wow...good luck in your search!

  2. I feel like eating strawberry shortcake for some reason...

    WOW. oh wow.

    Nothing says relaxation like motor oil and exhaust fumes!

    I am assuming you guys have looked at short sales? We have some mansions around here that are selling under that category. Best wishes on finding a home!!

  3. Oh my god, I can't....that kitchen is just beyond me. I can see a sweet old grandma in it...but thats it.
    My aunt has a strawberry wallpapered kitchen, but its nothing close to how over the top this is.

  4. Now that's a kitchen, wow! Barbie or maybe a Polly Pocket would fit right in.

  5. Oh that kitchen is so hilarious. You've got to send the link to Julia at Hooked on Houses. She collects/posts stuff like that.

  6. Well -- hmmm. I know that you will be able to do something spectacular with anything you decide upon, but really that kitchen...I just don't know what they were thinking!

  7. those first two are gorg!! it looks like a lilly lover went a bit too far...

  8. i know---that kitchen is a STUNNER. it literally stopped me dead in my tracks when i saw it on the mls listing. i was totally imagining the HUSBAND that lived in that house--poor guy. i doubt he had much say in the design of that kitchen. what really slays me (besides the wallpaper) is the pink outline on the cabinets...as if the pink countertops and pink dishwasher weren't enough!
    of course, on the bright side---a hideous "before" picture just makes the "after" pic all that much better!

  9. That second house won't be quite that bad after a facelift. Of course, it won't ever compare to the first ones you posted, but I think it could really be something. That kitchen is ridiculous, but that's no problem for you!!! You guys are all about renovating, so hurry and buy something so I can watch as you transform it to a treasure! (the "hurry" part is a joke, but I would love to see it!).

  10. laughing so hard at these, I actually had to show my husbande.

    LOVED your remodel photos and previous posts... and will be linking to you as I sketch out plans for our "updates."

  11. The good news, you are a fabulous interior designer and I know you can make those houses look good! But goodness, I think Strawberry shortcake might just have outdone herself with that kitchen!

    The other good news, I saw in This old house magazine this month a split level home like the ones you might be looking, anyway at they redid the outside and it looks pretty good. I will email you the image.

    Good luck!

  12. Doesn't everyone want a pink flowery kitchen? Yikes! I'm sure something will turn up.

  13. I know it is pretty scary but I would LOVE to see what you would do to THAT kitchen!!

    Have fun and good luck!!!!

  14. Holy pink kitchen! Did you stop off at Barbie's townhouse!?! :)

  15. Well the good thing is you will have some awesome before-and-after shots, if you buy one of those fixer-uppers. That kitchen is hilarious.

    When we were looking for a house in the past there was one house we went through that had a huge moon window (as in 6 feet round) between the living and dining rooms edged with mirror, and then a huge nude in the dining room - Yikes!