Oct 26, 2009

once upon a time...(house #1)

...I lived in this house. Allen and I built this home in 2000, and lived there for 2 1/2 years (our longest stay at any home so far). I never got a chance to decorate every room, and the rooms that I did decorate never really felt finished to me, but I loved this house anyway. 

some of the pictures are awful, I know. as well as most of the furniture. but, we had only been out of college for 2 years, so we had a great excuse.

my favorite things about this house were:

1. the metal roof on the front porch
2. the TRIM, and the details above the doors...designed, and fabricated by allen.
2. olivia's room...even though it was never "finished". it was the first time that I had ever used toile, and i loved the apple green mixed with the black and white toile. 
3. the window in the stairwell. it brought in so much light, and i loved looking out of it.
4. the black and white checker board floor in the kitchen. holy COW was it ever a PAIN the clean, but i loved the simple, classic, graphic quality. i remember being with allen, 5 month pregnant, down on my hands and knees at 3 o'clock in the morning wiping black grout off if that floor. good times.
5. the dining room. at that time, painting ceilings was very uncommon. i felt like i was on the cutting edge when i painted the dining room ceilings a deep red.

here are the paint colors in this house:
(most colors are pittsburgh paints, but i'm pretty sure these colors are available at lowes under the name valspar)

entry/family room/kitchen: 
pony tail
darker stripes in entry:

dining room ceiling & powder room walls:
brick dust

living room:
kodiak brown (i believe this is a sherwin willimas color)
with faux glaze over top

olivia's room:
laura ashley apple 3 and apple 4

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  1. WOW, I can't even find words for your amazing talent!!! Thanks for sharing. I've been looking at your different projects from house to house and I am blown away!