Apr 23, 2012

luxe at the lake

when opened my last issue of atlanta homes and lifestyles magazine, i was immediately taken with a spread on an alabama lake house designed by bobby mcalpine and susan ferrier. the interiors have a rustic, luxe warmth that is accentuated with industrial touches and textural elements that had me wishing there were a dozen more pages in the feature.

 the horizontal planking on the walls adds a texture and warmth that contrasts dramatically with the
soft, solid upholstery and white linen window treatments. 

i love the huge scale of the art above the fireplace and the metal light fixture.

 simple, sculptural chairs and furnishings keep this room modern and classy...notice the art hanging on the 

 the leather benches and cowhide stools provide lots of seating in the kitchen. (my kids would have those chairs stained in SECONDS, but aren't they pretty?)
one other thing that i love about the room is the botanical collection that is hung floor to ceiling. 
framed botanicals have a very traditional feel to them, the the monochromatic look and the way they are displayed keep them feeling edgy and fresh.

i could get some goooood sleep here. (love those dark ceilings...)

 this is such an untraditional floor plan for a bathroom...the corner windows and large cylinder floor lamp are so interesting. and the fact that a rough hewn wood was used for the vanities, definitely lends itself to that lodgey feel...but a very updated and modern lodgey feel.

 did you have a favorite space in this house? if i had to pick one, it would be this lounge area...i seriously let out an audible sigh when i saw this picture. how great would it be to curl up here with a book?


  1. You seriously find the COOLEST spaces!! Some of my favorite parts: The long, industrial, metal "chandelier" in the living room; the extra seating in the dining room stored under the upholstered buffet; the open windows throughout the house (makes me think they have a fabulous view!); the smaller chairs at the island (yes, my kids would love them and ruin them, too!!); the open and industrial nightstands (love that everything is such a large scale that there isn't room for clutter); and I completely agree...taking a nap in the corner of the couch would be the best day in a long time.

    Love this space. Thanks so much for sharing. And, sorry this has become a novel. :)

  2. Thanks for including our work on your lovely blog. We're glad you liked the lake house!

    1. you are so very welcome! i have long been a fan of mcalpine tankersley architects and susan ferrier. keep up the great work!

  3. Now that's my kind of lake house. Is there anyone that builds and designs more beautiful homes...should have known. Love the warm wood and chic and inviting room...fabulous!!

    1. i know! i adore their work. some of my favorites are the homes they have designed at rosemary beach...SO dreamy!

  4. I enjoy your blog, but wish you would capitalize the first letter of each sentence. It makes it difficult to read, like a run-on sentence.

    1. well, thanks for the advice. i am glad you enjoy my blog...but i don't think i will ever change the way i write in my blog. i really hate run on sentences, and so i know it must drive some people nuts that i don't use capitals, but that;s just the way i like to do things!
      plus, it takes waaaay too much effort for all of those capital letters!

  5. Gorgeous post! I am a huge fan of Bobby McAlpine {And all those who work with him!} and haven't seen this house yet, just gorgeous! They never cease to amaze me!