Apr 16, 2012

grady's room-a few last details

i am still making s-l-o-w progress on grady's room...i still need to decorate the walls, and have a pillow made with this fabric.

i bought the brooklyn bridge pillow cases before we moved, and FINALLY found them while digging through the garage on saturday. (isn't that sad?? ugh. i hate being so disorganized!)
i am going to attempt to put together the rhino head from cardboard safari this week sometime and MAY or may not hang it. (still waiting for my "g" to bet back from the framers)
when i finally get some stuff up on the walls, i will take a picture to share!
to see sources for the above items, click here.


  1. Love the orange with the black and white. M.

  2. Disorganized or not you found what you were looking for! :) Can't wait to see the little man's room. Curious, did he have much of an opinion, or did he just want to get rid of those purple walls?!?

    House on Rene