May 2, 2012

a touch of metal

my oldest daughter will be a teenager next week...AND she just got braces put on yesterday.
i think she looks even cuter with a little touch of metal in her mouth.

speaking of touches of metal...i always love to add a touch or two of metal into a room. i think it
adds a balance to wood and other "soft" materials in a way that nothing else can. there is something great about the reflective "sparkle" that a touch of metal adds to a room.

(via here)
i really like how the shiny metal lamp and drum shade breaks up the pattern of the wallpaper
and the solid texture of the drapes. i am totally digging the two sketches on the mantle too!

(via bhg)
the sconces and two square side tables look fabulous in this eclectic space, and add just 
the right amount of sparkle.

(via here)
these oversize pulls are perfection. and the patterned drapes in the background are 
making my heart beat fast! i love them!

(via lgn)
i have a similar side table to this...i adore the classic shape reinterpreted in metal...
and those legs on the chair are pretty incredible too!

isn't that window surround gorge-eous?
i used that window as an inspiration picture for a dining room design plan i recently completed.
the house is under construction, but when it is all finished, i will be sure and get some pictures
from my client.


  1. Hi Autumn,

    The first image is from Canadian House and Home. Here's the link:

  2. Your daughter is super-adorable with her braces!! (she kind of looks like the actress Aimee Teegarden)

  3. She is precious Autumn! Bo just got braces too and is still lovin' his new room. He and I are both very proud of it. Thanks again.

  4. Darling daughter!!! I never thought about it consciously but YES metal elements are your examples.

  5. Love the segue...LOL Those rooms are BEAUTIFUL! Your daughter is a cutie patootie too!