Mar 25, 2013

exterior lights

when selecting the lights for the outside of my house, i knew i wanted something classic...with either a silver or a dark grey/black finish. scale is a HUGE (no pun intended) issue when selecting exterior lights. most purchase lights that are dwarfed by the elements of their home's exterior. of course, you need to take measurements of where the light will be installed and make sure that the light will FIT, but if you are deciding between the "medium" light, and the "big" light, i say it is almost always better to go BIG.

i looked at hundreds and hundreds of lights, and it seemed like every time i found something that i loved it was super, duper expensive.
anyone else out there have a similar problem? 
i thought so.
i kept coming back to the selection at restoration hardware. they have several finishes available on nearly all of their lighting, and they are so classic. it was hard to pass up.

here are the lights that will be mounted on the front pilasters---on either side of the front door.

they are the stockholm sconces from restoration hardware in the weathered zinc finish. i totally lucked out and managed to get them on clearance for $159 each, which is pretty insane, considering the size and look of these lights! even though i ordered them 2 months ago, they are on back order until the middle of may.
sadly, this light is not available anymore, but the pendant version is available here.

this light will be mounted in the small recessed entry, outside the front door:
it is called the vintage barn flush mount light, also in the weathered zinc finish.

i am hoping one day 3 of these lights will be installed between the garage doors:

since there are 3 of them, and i have been busy buying other lights...and tile and sinks and carpet and hardwood, i haven't had money in the budget to purchase these yet.

instead, three of these $5 beauties will hold their place for a while.
(i am actually using 4 of these in the bonus play area as well....i mean, for $5, how can you go wrong?)

these lights will also be installed in the front until my stockholm pendants come in. i am sure my neighbors will wonder why i have such teeny-tiny lights on the outside of the house! it should make for some interesting conversations!


  1. oooh, i like. i canNOT wait until we can start on the outside of the place we're in. exterior lighting is up there on the list...

  2. LOOOOOOVE the choices!!!!!!! Can't wait to see them up!!!! And I've seen those $5 sconces at Home Depot and for the price they aren't half bad! They have that nautical feel to them.

    1. i know, right? those little $5 sconces are better looking than ones 5 times the price. so cute and simple and i totally agree that they have a nautical/industrial feel to them.

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