Mar 18, 2013

jonathan adler + jc penney

i was really HAPPY to find out that our favorite happy chic designer, jonathan adler has teamed up with jc penney to offer some high style, mid-priced items for the home.

here are some of my picks:




crescent heights lacquer coffee table (available in 5 colors)



elizabeth faux linon curtain panel

tray table



crescent heights laquer console table (available in 4 colors)

see the entire collection here!
happy shopping!


  1. THIS just made my day. I just got one of Adler's books yesterday and it was fate LOL ;) Hope house stuff is going great!!

  2. I love that chevron wool rug!

    More recently I have been looking to buy some rugs.. anyone know any sites?
    I've heard about Any experiences there? :)

  3. Hooray! I've been disappointed with JCP of late (except for their new mailings, which I love), but this is making me change my mind!

  4. I had been stalking the site all month waiting for this release. I was excited Sunday to see the products. I like the items you've highlighted. They are affordable, but I was a bit surprised at the price tags on some of the other items. $1,100 for a bookcase seems a bit steep, especially for a bookcase from JCP. I realize at $1,300 dollars the white lacquer dresser is a "bargain" when compared to $2,500 for something similar in his store, but I just am having a hard time with that pricing at JCP. If the quality is comparable, I guess it could work at brining in the the typical Jonathan Adler shopper looking for a deal?!, but I don't see that flying with their typical shopper! I guess I was expecting price points similar to Target's on their collaborative lines. My other disappointment, I was hoping for an affordable Sputnik chandelier- you know one around $300. haha Oh well, a girl can dream....

  5. Love him and love his stuff :) however, I too, won't shop at JCPenney anymore. There "new" look and business model bother me and they are on a downhill tumble. Kind of surprised that big names like Adler and Stewart want to do lines with them. Oh well!

  6. Love that chevron serving platter...well, actually, I love it all. Great colors and design once again!

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