May 23, 2013

design plan(s): modern boys room

 i recently completed a full room design for a little man about the same age as my son. as part of the design process, i talked to him and asked him what he liked to do, and what colors he wanted to see in his new room. i was pleasantly surprised at how sophisticated his design sense was! he requested that his room be modern and that it for sure include some green. when i further quizzed him on what shades of green he liked, it wasn't "the hulk" green, like i thought it might be, but more chartreuse.
sign me up! i love yellowy-greens!

i came up with two options for him:

or course i gave him the option to mix and match things from the different options, and let me know what else he wanted in the room....
his mom sent me a picture of both design boards, with the items that he liked best circled!
it was pretty darn cute:
(so cute that i had to upload it to instagram.)

here is a look at the FINAL design plan:

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  1. Can you please tell me where that silver chair is from above?

    1. michelle,
      the chair is the fleet chair from CB2