Jun 17, 2013

(stupid?) product review: duvet donuts

i was recently at bed bath and beyond, and came across a product that i thought could potentially be life changing. we have 4 beds in our house, and every one of them have down comforters and duvet covers on them. there are two beds in particular (my bed and my sons bed) where the duvet is always misaligned with the duvet cover and it drives me nuts! 

i saw these, and i had a coupon, so i decided to give them a try:
"easy to use"
"attaches in seconds"
"keeps your comforter from bunching and shifting inside your duvet"
too good to be true? i was about to find out!

as instructed, we laid out the duvet cover (the malou from ikea) inside out on the floor, and put the duvet on top of it.

next, we put one side of the duvet donut on the top, and the other side on the bottom, and the pieces locked together . easy enough for a 9 year old.
so, yes. the claims of "easy to use" and "attaches in seconds" were pretty much accurate.

after the donuts were all attached, we flipped the entire thing right side out.
hmmm. not really loving the way that is is looking! (and sorry about the NON vaccumed carpet!)

(i tried again to get the rings to the very edge of the duvet, but it still looked the same...not pretty, to say the least, BUT...if it worked, then i thought that i could live with it. at least for my sons room...)
now---to see if they HOLD the duvet cover in place...

***i came back a week later to find that two of the donuts had come loose. i asked my son if he had pulled them out, and he hadn't. i snapped them back into place, and a few days later, one of the same ones and one different one was loose. (in fact, after 2 weeks, only one remained in place)

in my opinion, these are pretty much worthless. (sorry duvet donut people) they made the duvet bunch up at the corners, which i found unattractive, and they didn't even hold the duvet together, which is what they claimed to do. maybe other people who have used them think they are great and love them, but i would not spend money on these again.

this item was purchased by me, and the review is my opinion about my experiences with this product.


  1. I feel your pain. It eventually got so bad that I just gave up. I had tried gadgets like the donuts, ties inside the corners, buttons inside the corners, and finally, cramming a king comforter into a queen duvet cover (thinking it might not move around as much). Nothing worked for me. After 4 years of enduring messy duvet covers that made my bed - and consequently, my bedroom - look sloppy, I gave up and switched to quilts. Life became much easier. I find that quilts (and comforters) require less work to look neat and tidy. When a duvet is perfectly fluffed and the cover is aligned, like in all the Pottery Barn photos, it is gorgeous perfection, but I can't seem to make that happen. Side note - I really love comforters but can't find many options outside of Macy's and lines like Ralph Lauren. I wish PB and RH made more comforters.

  2. We have duvets too and I have found that if you tie the corners in it works great. If your duvet doesn't have corner ties you could easily hand sew some ribbons to the seams in each corner. Then just tie them around the corner of the duvet (about an inch down) and then you won't have bunching on the outside and the corners stay in place. I didn't know this until I bought a duvet cover from West Elm and they had the strings inside already. I always hated waking up freezing to find that I had the cover and my husband had all of the down blanket! :)

  3. This cracked me up. I loved your "stupid" review :)

  4. I too tried those donut duvet holders and hated them as well!On another trip to Bed Bath and Beyond I spotted another product that holds duvets in place,but this was a padded clip.It was very easy to use and after a month the clip is still holding the duvet in place.

  5. Safety pins. I know it sounds too simple to be true but I've been pinning the corners of my comforters to my duvets for years and it works like a charm.

  6. What a bummer. I hate when you find something you think will work great and it doesn't=( So sorry. I have tried the string that are attached in the corners of the duvet covers as well, but just tying them to the corners of the duvet, they still came undone. I finally made button holes in each of the corners of my actual duvet with my sewing machine and then tied the strings through them that were already sewed on the duvet cover(you could sew some too). It is the only thing that has even worked for me and doesn't bunch up the corners. Good luck.=)

  7. I have the padded clips as well. They work. They are kind of like the same clip as a mitten clip. I found mine at Walmart years ago.

  8. I use bias tape to make button holes on the duvet and then sewed buttons onto the duvet. Works great. Takes a little time but worth it to me.

  9. Sorry it didn't work out! But thanks for the laughs! :) Your readers have some good tips...off to try some.

  10. Padded clips from Bed bath and Beyond, they really work!

  11. I agree with Lauren, large safety pins work so well.

  12. I was just about to buy some of these from eBay. Thank you for saving me the money and frustration. They seem like a good idea, but poorly executed as is so often the case. One wonders whether they might work better if made more sturdily out of perhaps stainless steel for the base and something just a tad less flexible for the ring than what they are using. I suppose it's a fine line between flexible enough to fit over and, well, what they've currently got.

  13. Hey

    I likes your work and I do have a couple of luxury duvet cover in my bedroom and really want to do the same work for my duvets as well. Thanks for the wonderful share!!

  14. I used to have the same problems, duvets are so hard to get in the duvet cover alone especially on bigger beds! And it moves around all over the place. I found a company called Du-Zipp, problem solved.

    It is a system with the duvet and the duvet cover working together using zippers half the zipper on the duvet the other half on the cover you lay the cover inside out put the duvet on top zip the zippers together and flip it the right way out. Pull the four corners to straighten it and the duvet stays in place until it is time to wash your cover no more fussing! I absolutely love my Du-Zipp!

  15. thanks for the heads up on this. my current holder for my sheets is a magnetic pin thing called pinion pins, and though it's pretty solid at holding everything together, I'd really prefer if I could find an alternative that didn't pierce my sheets, cuz I want to get this really nice down comforter and I don't want to put any holes in it. though that may just be a pipe dream, since every donut or clip thingy I've looked at so far doesn't seem to hold up over time.