Dec 18, 2013

diy striped + color blocked ornaments

a simple recipe for two easy to make, modern ornaments!

i bought my paper mache ornaments at michaels craft store for less than 50 cents each. the paint, glitter paint, rub n buff and paper totaled around around $9. i made 10 ornaments for right around $1 each!

i really like the pop of pattern these add to my tree!

i always think that a nice dose of black can do wonders for a room, but i was honestly surprised at how much i LOVED seeing what a dose of black did for my tree!

 together, these ornaments add a little "edge: to my christmas decor....and they were SO easy to make!

color blocked ornament:
i just rubbed the top part of the color blocked ornament with gold rub n buff, and painted the bottom half with black paint.
once the black paint was dry, i went over it with black glitter paint.

striped ornament:
i rubbed rub n buff on all of the edges of the ornament.
then i traced the triangular surfaces (this ornament has 2 different sizes) onto some scrap paper to get my templates, which i used to trace my finished triangles out of the grey striped scrapbook paper.

 this is a fun, inexpensive and easy project, and can be done in so many different ways!

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