Dec 9, 2013

leap of faith

i am finally getting around to posting about my front door....(FINALLY!)and despite all of the very enthusiastic votes for "stuart gold", i opted for "leap of faith."

i know, i know!
don't get mad at me! i absolutely love it when you all take time to give me your opinions, and i value them very much! i actually loved the way stuart gold looked, but i liked the depth or leap of faith just a bit more. it was a bit darker and moodier, and i am THRILLED with the way it looks.

the door was actually painted before we left on our trip, and i have been dying to show you, but i was waiting until we had the door hardware on. things kept coming up to delay the installation, (snow, we didn't have the right tools on hand, a piece of the door knob was missing in action, and (of course) football. i mean, who wants to install a door knob when there is an exciting football game to watch? answer? not my husband.)

i took these pictures with my phone the morning we left on our thanksgiving trip (more on that later!), and it is a good thing i did! there was a snow storm while we were gone, and we have been hit with another storm since we got home---there is now close to 18" of snow in our yard! i haven't wanted to brave standing in the snow in order to get some better pictures.

after 6 months of having a temporary knob on the front door, i am so happy to finally have the "real" front door handle set installed.

thanks again for your patience! i can't wait to show y'all some highlights of our trip, and i have a fun and easy christmas project to share as well. my posting has been a little sparse, i know--the whole computer situation is now partially resolved with my new laptop, but of course then we ran into another issue when we got home--our internet was ssss----l---oooo--w. like, REALLY slow!  because of the location of our house, our options for internet are limited. we decided to go with a company that requires a dish on the side of the house, which is great, UNTIL you have a snow storm...or snow gets in the dish---and then the speed of the  connection slows tremendously. UGH. i wanted to write a post the day we got home (last thursday), but it was taking a full minute or two to open a page. i think things are finally back to normal! lets just hope that we don't get another snow storm!


  1. You absolutely picked the right color. It looks AMAZING!!

  2. Best choice ever! Looks like it was always meant to be.

  3. Great choice! It really works well with the bronze lanterns. It feels very earthy and warm.

  4. The color looks great and I love the hardware!

  5. It truly is the perfect color. Love it - not to mention those fantastic lanterns! Really great job. M.

  6. Can you provide us a link to the door hardware?