Dec 1, 2014

gift wrapping inspiration in blue + white

i have been busy the last couple of weeks! i was contracted to scheme up a design direction for a fun center...yep, a fin center. the kind with an arcade and party rooms and laser tag and a bowling alley! no worries---there won't be any crazy, psychedelic clown carpeting and primary colors anywhere in the space. i conjured up a muted yet whimsical color scheme, with just enough touches of metal, wood and concrete to make it feel grounded.  if you want a peek at the board that i pulled together, you can see it on my instagram feed!

anyway, the whole project got me thinking a bit "outside MY box". i tend to gravitate to neutral, dark color schemes with lots of texture and simple, classic lines, but i honestly find almost all interior decor styles appealing in their own way. when jennifer at the pink pagoda asked for participants to link up to her blue and white bash, i thought that it would be fun to pull together some inspiration for one of my favorite holiday activities---gift wrapping!

click here for all sources.

in case you need some wrapping inspiration, you can click here, or enjoy these:

to see more blue + white inspiration, head back to the pink pagoda blue + white bash to see what others have posted!

have a great monday,


  1. I love seeing pretty packages, and these are all lovely! Thank you for linking up all of this fantastic inspiration, Autumn!

  2. That greek key ribbon is especially nice. You could even pair that with simple craft paper wrapping and it would look so beautiful!

  3. Love your ideas, Autumn! Especially the Greek key pretty!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous inspiration here! Just beautiful; headed over now to Pink Pagoda...