Nov 17, 2014

design plan: neutral, mid-century traditional living/dining room

this client was a referral from a previous client. we worked on both her living room, and adjacent dining room in a single pinterest board + phone consultation. the living room was pretty much a blank slate, but she planned on keeping her dining table, chairs and an existing buffet in the dining room.

she already had some great art in her living room, and a pair or fabulous mid century wood lamps, and after 17 years, she was finally getting ready to say goodbye to her hunter green leather sofa and overstuffed recliner. whoo-hoo!!

after looking at her inspiration pictures, i knew that she was ready for a BIG change!
she totally jumped on board, and always picked the most modern of all the choices i presented to her. LOVE that!

here is the design plan i came up with:

have a space in your home that is still sporting a puffy hunter green leather sofa? 
lets chat about that.
email me at, and lets make some lovely changes in your home!
(and if that hunter green leather sofa HAS to stay, lets at least figure out a way to make it look....better!)

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