May 28, 2015

design plan: master bedroom with pillow options

i love the collaboration that takes place with a client during a full room design. this consultation allows for the fine tuning and visual exploration of some options that make a tremendous difference in a room.

after our initial talk, my client and i decided on a basic look for her bedroom:

she wanted to add some more color and see some pillow options, so i pulled together a few ideas:

after looking over the first set of pillow options, my clients decided she was ready for MORE color, using a piece of yellow art in her foyer as inspiration.

here are the second set of ideas i sent her:

we finally settled on a palette of yellows and oranges, with several patterns for a loose, eclectic feel.

here is the final design plan that i presented to my client:

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  1. Can I ask for details on that light fixture? I'm into it!

  2. fun color palette...and unique too! I love how bright the accents are with the darker larger pieces.