Nov 2, 2009

design*crush: mcalpine booth & ferrier

i have waaayyy too many subscriptions to 
design magazines, and one of the 
first pictures that i ever tore 
from one of them was a house designed by 
mcalpine tankersley architecture.

 i have been following the work of bobby mcapline, 
in particular, for over 10 years. 
his architecture and interiors have a certain 
luxurious roughness to them; 
it's difficult to describe, really.
all i know is that i love just about 
everything this firm does. 

here is a little excerpt from their website 
about this amazing firm:
"McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors is the partnership of Bobby McAlpine, Ray Booth and Susan Ferrier. Their interiors firm, in existence since 1997, attracts clients from across the United States with designs for both the public and private sectors including residences, restaurants and a chapel. They maintain offices in Atlanta, Nashville and New York."

i love their use of scale and symmetry. 
simply lovely.

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