Nov 6, 2009

chinese birthday celebration: invites & gift bags

i'm a firm believer in setting the theme and color scheme for a party with 
great invitations.
and it always helps if other elements of the party 
reinforce the color scheme, including the gift bags.
here are the invitations i made for my daughters 
8th birthday party:

pretty time consuming,yes, 
but i love the way 
they turned out.
i printed the invite on the dotted fuschia paper, stamped and embossed the pagoda and edge, and layered it with black paper. i made the black sleeves as well, and applied the chartreuse paper, layered the brocade fabric on top, and wrapped some raffia (spray painted gold), and topped it with a gold chinese coin. all the paper was purchased at a local scrapbook paper store, the fabric at joann's, and the coins at oriental trading company.i had the raffia and gold spray paint on hand.
and here are the gift bags 
we gave out...

each bag contained a fan, some "chopstick" pencils (in a sleeve i made), 
a kaleidoscope, a chinese yo-yo, and some junior mints.


  1. You are FANTATSTIC!!!!! You must submit this somewhere...let it be known!

  2. wow, that party looks so great and so full of detail, love the invitations and the gift bags!!

  3. This is a great party! I am thinking of having a japanese themed party for my 4 year old. Any advice? Thanks!

  4. belle,
    i think my best advice is to find a color scheme and stick with it---and don't be afraid to mix in some "adult" food for the kids...i was shocked at how many of the kids ate the veggies and the sushi at this party.

    you can find fun games on
    good luck!

  5. Thank you for posting this! My 6-year-old came up with a "Chinese" theme for her birthday party (WHAT?), and I found your blog as I was searching for cute invitations to make. I hope you don't mind if I copy yours! I of course will give you full credit. It looks like you did a fabulous job on this party!

  6. thank YOU jen! i hope your party turns out fabulously!

  7. Your "Chinese" theme party is beyond Cute! I'm also going to copy your "Chinese" theme party for my six year old party coming in December.. I have plenty of time of course. Quick question, How did you get the Polka dot paper to match the water bottles, cards and flags? Are they made out of stickers?

  8. Great job Mama!

  9. this is sooooo great, I love your invitations!!! Can I ask you to tell me how you made the envelopes? Did you have a folding template or just wing it? I want to do something similar but CD envelopes seem too thin, but I can't figure out how to fold my card stock...