Nov 15, 2009

tennessee lake house

where were we?
oh, that's right...
the INSIDE of 
this house
that my husband built:

  but first, just a few more of the exterior...

and now, 
to the inside:

isn't this amazing?
(my hubby designed it!)

the kitchen.

the breakfast nook.

an upstairs bedroom

master bath

the study.
pictures cannot do this room justice.
it is spectacular in person.
and the view is breathtaking...

the music room.

 just a few interesting things about this home:
it is extremely energy efficient
due to R-50 insulation 
(a 250% increase over standard construction), 
a geo-thermal heat system, 
and all concrete construction.
a majority of the materials used are recycled.
low VOC products were used.
lightweight concrete roof tiles mimic the look of slate.
the home features over 5 miles of low voltage, 
home automation and 
security wiring!
the stucco mix was imported from france.
the tiles on the main floor were handmade 
at a farm in mexico, 
and if you look closely, 
you can see cat, 
dog,and chicken footprints 
imprinted on the tiles.

i told my husband that he could also
build a house just like this for me, but
apparently houses like this are 
really expensive to build.
hmmm...who knew?

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