Nov 9, 2009

coastal living idea house 2009

i just love idea houses...
this one is in north carolina, where i once lived for a year and a half,
 but would gladly return to live forever.

love the gambrel gables. and the shakes. and the wide steps.

oooo. i love me a black kitchen.
i had a black kitchen in the last house we remodeled.
i'll post pictures sometime. 
it was yummy. or at least i thought so.

i love the unusual treatment over the fireplace. 
very non-traditional in a traditional sort of way.
the giant ottoman is slick, too.

what a great and unique color scheme
i love it.

oooo, did somebody say stripes? (i'm such a sucker)

in a previous life, i think i was bead board...
or perhaps i was married to some bead board. 
i love it that much.
and isn't it delicious painted grey and hung horizontally? 

the is the sleeping porch of the house.
who wouldn't want to take a nap here?!
fun colors.
love the bolsters.
great dividers.


  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for Chinese birthday picture - rest assured, your cake topper did, indeed, say "Happy Birthday." No, I do not read Chinese, but EVERY SINGLE CHINESE CARD that I saw had those characters on it!

    Happy Birthday to your little fellow Scorpio!

  2. soo good to know that i was not inadvertently offending anyone! glad it really does say "happy birthday"!
    so glad you found my blog!