Jul 23, 2013

choosing paint for grady's bathroom

gradys bath WILL be painted by the end of the week.
(at least, i hope so...)
i want a warm gray that adds some depth to the wall, but i don't want it to be too dark, because the room doesn't get any natural light.

last week, the second pendant over the toilet was installed. more progress! (because of a code that doesn't allow a hanging fixture to be within 3 feet of a shower/tub we didn't install it before we moved in.) it definitely helps with the amount of light in here. to UP the light a bit more, i have since swapped out the 60 watt incandescent bulbs for 75 watt warm fluorescent ones. (by the way, am i the only one who HATES the "cool" or "daylight" fluorescent bulbs? ugh! i think they are awful. remind me of being inside a 7-11.)

 i also replaced the flush mount light with a simple 3-light spot light, which made a HUGE difference! i actually love this flush mount light, and will repurpose it somewhere else in the house...

the new light:
 found for $5.99 at ikea...and that included the three bulbs! how could i resist?

but anyway, i am getting a little sidetracked, aren't i?
we were talking about paint...
ok, so the plan is to get a paint color that adds some subtle color, and supports the masculine feel of the room.
here are the colors i sampled on his wall:
this is the wall above the vanity:
  all colors are benjamin moore: cumulus cloud, stonington gray, la paloma gray, cumulus cloud @50%, seattle mist, balboa mist.

this is the wall opposite the vanity. as you can see, it seems a little darker:

for comparison, here is that same wall, after i replaced the flush mount ceiling fixture with the ikea spot light:

my favorites are balboa mist, cumulus cloud and cumulus cloud at 50%. i also really like stonington gray, but i like the warmth of the others just a tad more.

before i swapped out the ceiling light and changed the bulbs in the pendants, i was definitely leaning towards "cumulus cloud at 50%", but with the added light, i think the room can handle the slightly darker "cumulus cloud".

what do you think? which paint is your pick?


  1. That's exactly my thought process. Cumulus cloud for me!

  2. I'd definitely rule out the two in the middle, but you've got some great choices. Is your son like mine and says "you just pick, I don't care."? I will say tho, for warm grays, SW has some good choices as well. Can't wait to see your finished space.

  3. I vote for Cumulus Cloud (full strength). Second favorite would be the same at 50%. Either would be beautiful in that room.