Jul 8, 2013

my award winning butterbeer recipe

i hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!
the fourth of july is my second favorite holiday (right behind thanksgiving and christmas---a tie)
our week was filled with good food, swimming, friends, lacrosse games, plenty of sunshine and fireworks. it was pretty darn amazing.

anyway, last week, my husband was nestled into the couch, on his iphone and announced-- "hey---did you know that your butter beer recipe won the "best simple butterbeer recipe" according to the the orlando informer blog?"

uh. no...
i did NOT know that.
but YAY for me!

two summers ago, i wrote a post for design dazzle on a fun summer activity for kids. i chose the theme of "wizard for a day"--inspired, of course, by harry potter.
we had recently returned from a trip to universal studios, and had tasted the butterbeer there, and i tried my best to recreate an easy recipe for it. most of the recipes that i came across required cooking, and since i wanted this to be an easy summer activity that my 3 kids could easily help me with.

the post also included some printables for fun (tasteful) happy potter t-shirts:

here is an except from the article:

you can see the recipe, as posted on my blog here, and grab the images to make your own t-shirts here.

have a magical day!

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