Jul 31, 2013

on the hunt: affordable metal baskets

i have been on the hunt for some decent, affordable metal baskets for the bottom of gradys bathroom vanity for a few weeks now.

i really like these from restoration hardware, but i thought the price was a little steep (even on sale)

wisteria always has a great selection of metal baskets. i really liked this one, but i didnt want a liner, and they were also more than i wanted to spend:

i also like these from crate and barrel:

but, gheesh! i really did not want to spend $70-120 on two wire baskets....

i found these affordable baskets, which came as a set of three, and i almost ordered them, but they were a little bit smaller than what i needed:

there are usually some great, vintage options on etsy like this one, but i really want two that match, and it is very difficult to find a set.

yesterday, i was at target, and spotted these:
the size was perfect, i like the look of them, and they were on sale for $18 each! (plus, NO shipping costs!)
yes, please. i will take 2.
they just needed ONE little change----(i bet you can guess what it is!)

there, MUCH better!

here they are in their new home, already being put to use!

i still haven't painted the walls in the bathroom yet, but i am making some progress!
i wanted to have this bath finished by the end of the month, but i may need a few extra days.

*i have received several questions about this vanity in the last few weeks. 
it is called the LOGAN vanity from restoration hardware.
i bought it on clearance last fall for just under $400. they no longer have this exact vanity available, but there are some that are similar:

the "new" logan vanity (same wood, different configuration) on final sale right now for $359! 
(about what i paid for mine!)

pottery barn's classic single console has similar lines, and is available in 2 painted finishes.


  1. I love those baskets ( minus the liners). The handles are super cute, and they look great in your bathroom!

    1. thanks stacey! it is always so great when something looks good and you feel like you got a bargain! :) hope you are doing ok after the concert!

  2. Always a score at Target! Great find. Your bathroom is looking fab.

  3. They looks great! I love the way your bathroom is coming together. The floors are perfect. We're doing slate hexagon tiles on the floor of our boys' bathroom, and a pedestal sink...now I am second-guessing whether a vanity would have been better! Although, my neighbor got a vanity from RH and it's been a customer service nightmare, so she has scared me off from ordering their bath items. ;-)

  4. I love the tile in his bathroom, can you tell me the manufacturer?

    1. they are "montauk black slate", and i am not sure of the manufacturer.