Nov 4, 2013

minor punch-list items + weekend recap

(*warning! no "pretty" pictures in this post--just run of the mill iphone quickies!)

we haven't tackled any major items on our punch list, but a few small things are getting done.
for starters, we are in the process of having our exterior doors painted:
(isn't the paper towel in the dead bolt hole classy?)

i also bought some shades for my ebay chandelier. this is such a minor thing, but makes a world of difference in the output of light! it is much softer and more pleasant. i am not 100% in love with these shades...i ordered them online and when they arrived, i almost returned them, but i figured they are good enough for now.

my mini office, right off the kitchen is badly needing some storage. we bought this ikea peice but havent put it together yet:
i have been zeroing in on how i want to design this space, and i think i finally have a good idea of what i want! i will be sharing more details soon.

halloween was a blast!

my oldest daughter olivia has officially "aged-out" of halloween, so that was a little surreal. instead of trick-or-treating, she and some friends got together and hung out. so weird that i have a non-trick-or-treating child!

charlotte turned 12 the day after halloween, and so we had a "halloweenish" birthday party for her at our house.  i actually have some professional pictures of a few of the details that i will post later in the week. yay!

FIXED the weird pink streaks coming from my new spot light by replacing the bulb! i was so worried that the new bulb i bought at lowes were going to have the same coloring, but it didn't! i am so happy!

and, we woke up to snow on sunday morning! it was such a shock because the previous two days were in the high 60's. ahhh, kill me sometimes!

hope you weekend was a good one too!


  1. I have lusted after your ebay chandelier since you posted about it. We are getting closer to moving in to our new home, and I am still yet to pull the trigger on a light for over our table because I know that's what I want (although in polished nickel), but I about choke on the $700-$800 price tag every time. I have gotten great deals on some of my light fixtures on ebay, but I'm still yet to have a score that huge. Let me know if you have any great tips!

    1. i DO have some tips, and i am working (really sloooooowly) on writing a post with some tips! i want to make sure that it is all super clear and concise...which may take some time to get across. well---maybe it is that OR maybe i just dont want to let everyone know my secrets until after i am done shopping for stuff for MY HOUSE!! ha! ha! of course i am kidding. :)

  2. Holy moly! MY Charlotte turned eight the day after Halloween! Same name, same birthday. Great minds, right? I have loved your blog for several years, how come I never knew?

    1. that is so crazy! same name AND same birthday! i love the name charlotte.great minds DO think alike! :)