Nov 10, 2013

Tips for Economical Commercial Property Development (a guest post)

Statistics can be misleading, and are often manipulated to present the most favorable side of a particular argument or dispute. Take the facts and figures surrounding the current UK economy, which according to international news agency Reuters grew at its fastest rate since 2007 throughout 2013. This is at odds with the experience of many citizens, however, who are struggling to sustain the existence without incurring long-term debt. Despite this, however, growth in the buy-to-let and commercial property markets remains considerably strong, meaning that those with enough disposable income can invest in lucrative real estate.

Top Tips for Commercial Property Development

With this in mind, new-comers to the commercial property market have a unique chance to achieve considerable returns. This is so long as they develop their portfolio carefully, however, and pay attention to the following: - 

Regional Growth and Regeneration

As the nation has evolved and regeneration has taken hold, the entire landscape of the UK has changed beyond all recognition. Once affluent areas have become poor, for example, while working-class, industrial cities such as Liverpool and Manchester have become central hubs for entertainment and culture. You must therefore pay careful attention to the area in which you intend to purchase commercial property, as any future growth plans or development projects will have a direct impact on your earning potential over time.
Furnish your Property in a Sleek but Affordable Manner
If you are looking to provide tenants with appealing and functional commercial spaces, it is crucial that you are able to deliver furnished offices. This requires a significant upfront investment, despite the fact that you have no guarantee that your project will be successful or profitable. This means that you must look to minimise your investment as much as possible, without compromising on the look, presentation or functionality of your property. To achieve this, you should consider kitting your property out with contract furniture solutions from suppliers such as Peel Mount.

Set a Fair and Reasonable Rental Price

Leasing commercial property is difficult to the typical terms of buy-to-let agreements, so it is crucial that you understand this prior to entering into a contract. Not only are commercial property leases far longer than the standard residential tenancy agreements, but the rental cost can also be paid annually as opposed to monthly. Taking these factors into careful consideration, your task is to set a fair and reasonable price that reflects the precise terms of the lease and the needs of your tenants. You will also need to consider the area in which the property is based, as the presence of more affordable commercial property space could serious undermine your chances of success.

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