Nov 13, 2013

sneaky shallow storage

no matter how big or small your home is, clever, functional storage is always appreciated. 
in our house, i took full advantage of the space behind the doors of the master bedroom closets:

in my husbands closet, we used the space to store his ties!
it is amazing how many ties can be stored in a space that is normally "lost".

this solution literally only takes 3" of projected space from the wall. you could also use this space to install hooks for coats, robes or belts.

for this project, we used the most inexpensive walmart towel bar we could find.

we did the same thing behind the door of my closet---
(but used a different rod--sorry for the lame pictures here. 
the above pictures were taken by a pro...these were taken by me.)

and in my youngest daughters walk in closet!

we finally installed the closets in my kids rooms this past weekend.  my kids have never been so happy to hang their clothes up! it's pretty amazing how having the right kind of storage can make life SO much tidier and easier. it was a happy, happy weekend at the clemon's house!


  1. Great idea! But I have a question, do the ties slide off the towel bar? This is the perfect solution for me! Thanks!

    1. They don't at all! We were worried about that happening, and if you are you can add a strip of felt to the top of the bar. My husband has sooo many ties, that the weight of all of them and the fact that we have three rows (which packs them in pretty tight) definitely helps!

    2. Great idea with the felt. Thanks again!

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  3. Great idea! Most of my husband's ties are on the floor right now & we were in dire need of a good way to organize them! Pinning for future use!

  4. Quite the collection of ties and color coded! right up my alley.

  5. So great! And I love how you hung the scarves--my daughters can't seem to remove one without them all landing on the floor. :)

  6. Best necktie collection ever!