Feb 12, 2014

diy "awesome" gold embossed sign

another easy project that i featured in my girls bathroom:

if you are even a slightly crafty person, you may already have many of the items you need for this sign. since i already had all of the supplies except for the paper, this project only cost me about $2.

i used:
watercolor paper, cut to fit your frame or mat (you can use ANY type of paper you want.)
a printer
a gold leaf adhesive pen (or embossing adhesive pen)
gold embossing powder
a heat gun
a frame

i bought my frame for $1 at a thrift store. i liked it's oblong shape and the fact that it was REAL wood. unique items like my frame are one of the reasons why i go to thrift stores regularly...most times, i walk out empty handed, but sometimes i walk out with a treasure or two!

the first thing i did was create my design. you can use whatever word program and font you want.
i used pages, and the font "dear joe 4". the arrows are the standard arrows in pages, and i changed the line to a dashed one for a more whimsical effect.
once i had my design laid out, i printed it out in very light ink on my watercolor paper.

i traced the words using a gold leaf adhesive pen:

then, i sprinkled gold embossing powder on the words...

and tapped off the excess.
it is ok if there is still some extra powder, but if it bothers you, use a small brush to remove.

next, turn on your heat gun and gently move it over the areas where the embossing powder is stuck to the paper.
the heat gun "melts" the emoting powder, and you are left with shiny, raised words.

here is a close up of the finished product!


  1. I love it, what a great idea. The bathroom is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. That's (pun intended) awesome! I have a print in my bathroom that says "You Look Awesome". Great bathroom. The blue tassels on the shower curtain are unexpected but such a perfect touch!