Feb 13, 2014

TOTALLY last minute valentines treats

sometimes i like to live life on the edge....and by "the edge", i mean that SOMETIMES i don't even THINK about what we are having for dinner until 5:30, and SOMETIMES i wait until the day before valentines day to pull together a treat for my kids classmates. ok, ok...who am i kidding? this happens kinda, sometimes, maybe, perhaps  a LOT.
but it all manages to work out.
we always end up eating dinner, (even if it is pancakes and scrambled eggs), and i always manage to have something for my kids to give out to their friends on valentines day.

this year, i decided to go with something a little easier and more "grown-up"....a pack of breath-freshening sugar-free gum with a customized peel and stick label. yes! no glue sticks or tape involved. so refreshing.

(i bought the bulk pack of extra  gum at costco)

these can be printed out in about 5 seconds and slapped on a pack of gum or just about anything else, and you are GOOD TO GO!

these are  meant to be printed on avery name badge labels :

i designed them so that the left side lines up with the pack of gum, and the right side folds over a bit.

here is what the label looks like printed out:

and here is a jpg version...you should just be able to import it into a document and print!
(make sure you set your page said as 4 x 6)

happy LAST MINUTE valentines day!

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