Mar 10, 2014

my next project--the mini office

ahhh. hello there mini office.

you need some attention, don't you?
not to worry.
i have a few ideas that this make you MUCH prettier and more functional!

this little office sits right off of the kitchen in my house. it is where everyone goes to use the printer, get on the computer, and *try and look for a pen or pencil.
(the above plan shows a door swinging into the space, but we decided to put a pocket door there instead. i am SO happy we made that change.)

believe it or not, this is the space after i spent an hour cleaning it! i really should have taken a real before picture--with the floor all covered with crap, but i do have a little bit of dignity!

right now, it is NOT very functional. the vintage desk is usually piled high with papers and the printer, and the area behind the desk has become a catch-all for everything that everybody has NO idea where to put. i have even found dirty laundry in here. (apparently, it's WAY too much work to walk 8 feet down the hall to the laundry room. gheesh, mom!)  my kids are also convinced that this is where the broom and vacuum go, even though there is a huge closet just down the hall in the mudroom. like i said, the room has become a dumping ground.

what this space needs:
*some color on the walls. this is a small room, so i am going to go for something dark and moody. i want it to feel enveloping and tailored and just a bit quirky.
*more storage. for paper, office supplies, books, some of my design samples, basic craft supplies, and random things like batteries and stationary.
*window treatment. the light comes over the top of the mountain mid-morning and just BLASTS this room for about 2 hours. (i know its hard to see, but i have a TRASH bag taped to the window right now. K-lassy, i know.)
*stuff on the walls. yeah. STUFF. i am thinking "loose, eclectic gallery wall."
*new light fixture. the one there now was a place holder until i could find something i loved.
*a magnet board---someplace to stick all of those papers and reminders that always seem to flood the house
*new chair--i have had this amazing vintage metal chair for about 4 years now, and the time has come to make 'er purdy!

here is the design plan:

i picked up the light fixture, the chair, the kelly wearstler and quadrille fabric on ebay for a fraction of the retail (or even designer discount) cost!

the ikea besta storage unit will go on the back wall, with some shelving above it, and i am thinking of adding some crown molding in here as well.
i have already purchased the ikea piece, i am in the process of having the roman shade made, and the walls will be painted soon! i love tiny spaces like this. they come together SO quickly!


  1. Yes, I love small spaces like this too! So, what colors are you considering for the walls? We did our lav in BM Mysterious and I love it…. just a suggestion. Garbage bag over the window: that's great Autumn!!! But just think how really classy and gorgeous this space is going to be!!! Can't wait to see more.

    1. something dark and blue! i will look into mysterious--thanks for the suggestion! i have looked at hale navy, van deusen blue, and new yom state of mind. there are quite a few pretty dark blues out there! and yeah--that trash bag is killing me! :)

  2. fun plan. you always find the best stuff on ebay....i always forget to check there! maybe you have some great tips to share? or you've already posted them somewhere? would love to know!

    1. yes! i promise i am working on a post about how to find stuff on ebay. it should be posted in the next two weeks! i am just so slooooow when it comes to posts that require lots of technical advice. :)

  3. Love your plan..looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing it all done.
    You seem to have a lot of success with Ebay finds..any advice for a novice?
    Enjoy your blog!

    1. yes louise! i am currently working on a post. i just want to make sure that it is clear and concise, which i have found is super hard to do with this subject. be on the lookout! the post will be up in the next 2 weeks!

  4. Hi Autumn - love your design for the office and everything in your new house! We are currently trying to come up with a floor plan to build and was wondering if you could share the dimensions of your office & kitchen? I see plans online, but sometimes the kitchens seem smallish and it's hard for me to gage if they'd be suitable for us. Your kitchen looks great though! And your office will be wonderful (love having the printer/stuff out of the way and able to close the door and not look at it!) thanks so much :)

  5. How fun! Can't wait to see how it turns out!