Mar 26, 2014

living room refresh: phase 1 complete

well, it has been a couple of weeks, and phase 1 of my living room refresh is complete!

here is where i started:

and here it is now:

(took all the pictures with my phone because i was feeling lazy.)

my goals for phase 1:
*hang something on the walls
*get some new pillows
*bring some additional accessories and books up from my basement. 
*get a new side table for the couch.


the gallery wall was hung. eventually, there will be a fireplace and built-ins on this wall, but for now, this gallery wall adds some scale and drama.

 i dug some accessories out of the basement. these stones are from a beach outside of Seattle that my husband and i visited on an anniversary trip. i love meaningful little mementos like this...
the wood tray is from home goods.

 i added several new pillows. the betwixt pillow is from one of my favorite etsy shops, spark modern. they have the BEST selection of high-end designer fabric pillows. they are my go-to whenever i am looking for a schumacher or quadrille pillow.
the velvet studded pillow is from west elm.

this silver urn was purchased at z gallerie several years ago, and i have had the pedestal for at least 15 years! there are several items in my house that i know i will always have, and this pedestal is one of them.

 i added some accessories and books to the console.
this console is a piece that everyone asks about when they come into my house. it totally looks like an antique, but it was actually purchased at amercian signature home about 10 years ago. i love the curved front and wood inlay on it, and love how versatile it is! i have used it as a tv stand, an entry piece, a buffet and now it anchors this wall in my living room.

 the planter got a little makeover with some spray paint and gold leaf.

 i am still considering a coffee table...but think i will wait until the fireplace and bookcases are done. i love the ottomans....they are used every single day. they were purchased at jc penny a few years ago.

 i love my new side table from west elm! the proportions are perfect next to a sofa. it is a decent sized piece, but because it is made from glass, mirror and brass, it is visually "light".

 the schumacher chencenaou pillow is from sparkmodern and the striped silk pillow is from ikea. (purchased about 3 years ago, and no longer available.)

 the large grey embroidered pillow is from etsy, the blue velvet sudden pillow is from west elm, and the mustard embroider pillow is from anthropology. (no longer available)

what is left to do (phase 2)
*add drapes (getting some made by village workroom, and i am super excited!)
*refinish large side table
*recover ottomans. i'm thinking zebra...
*get some blinds!
*add art to other walls?
*new chairs--this was originally part of phase 3, but i might try to get some sooner. those black leather recliners NEED to go. i have a budget, of course, but i think i have narrowed it down to 2 different chairs. i posted this picture on instagram earlier today.

if you aren't on instagram, and want to vote, please do!
which one would you choose?

*both chairs can be customized, so the fabric will be changed...just look at the lines and scale of the chairs! 


  1. B. It looks like the Larkin chair, minus the slipcover that I want for my living room. Saving my pennies. Whichever you choose will be beautiful. It always is. You are mighty talent my friend.

    1. totally a dead ringer for the ballard larkin chair! it is actually from sam moore, and about the same price but more fabric options. :)