Mar 17, 2014

my secret for hanging straight gallery walls

i LOVE gallery walls, don't you?
(in fact, i have over 300 images of gallery wall idea on my pinterest board here, if you need some inspiration!)

i love gallery walls structured and simple.

i love them loose and eclectic.

i love them balanced.

i love them asymmetrical.

the only thing i DONT like about gallery walls is when the pictures get all wonky.

you know....when the pictures tilt and get out of alignment, and you want to rip them off the wall and throw them out the nearest window?? ugh. i really hate that.
thank goodness i haven't had that issue in a LONG time, thanks to my little secret weapon:

cobra frame tacks.  
(i also blogged about them here.)

available here, the only place i have been able to find them online. i actually called the manufacturer in canada i was so desperate to find them once!
this is what they look like in the package:
(this package comes with different sizes)

they are available in small, medium and large, and one pair per frames is needed.  they simply screw into the back of the frame.

i have found that certain frames (like ikea ribba frames) don't have enough wood for these to attach to, so i just use two nails and hang the frame on the nails.

and the the magic? 
when you want to hang your gallery wall, you just measure and press them into the wall.
they do NOT shift, ever!
(my husband is meticulous when it comes to hanging pictures, so i am lucky! i just show him what i want, and he does all of the work.)  i have had several people ask me if they actually stay on the wall. uh...of course they do! why would i love them if they didn't WORK? ha! ha! i have personally never had any picture i have hung with the cobra frame tacks fall off the wall.

we recently hung a gallery wall in my living room, as part of my living room refresh. i have used the venetian watercolor set together before, and i was really happy with the ordered look, but i wanted to mix in some different pieces this time.

here are a few of the layouts i was considering:

as soon as i put the antlers in the mix, i knew i had found the answer!

the wall in progress:

a quick before:


do you have any secret weapons for hanging gallery walls?


  1. Great hint! This reminds me of the tutorial on Rebecca Robeson's youtube channel:
    Finally a product is easier to get in Canada than the US!! :)

  2. So wait you just attach these to the picture frames, push them into the wall and that's it? You don't do anything with the hanger that comes already attached to the frame? I'd love to know. I'll check back here later for your reply. Thanks!!

    1. kimberly,
      YEP. that is it! just attach them directly to your frame and them press one side into the wall, make sure the picture is level, and then press the other side into the wall. i am serious that these are awesome! i will cry if they are ever discontinued!

  3. one more thing--i always remove the hanger/wire/screw that is usually on the back of my picture when i use these. it helps the picture to lay more flat against the wall!

  4. I went to buy 10 of these because I hate hanging things but they were all sold out!! Great idea for sure-I'll keep checking back. I am also on the look out for those rug sticker things-also a great idea!!

  5. these are amazing! i've been looking for something like this. thanks for sharing!

  6. That is so awesome. Thing is, I live in Malaysia and our walls are all in red bricks :(